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Posted by Carrie Durning on 5/11/20 12:22 PM

Local Job Opportunities in Purcellville, VA

While Patrick Henry College offers many on-campus jobs, such as campus safety, events staff, custodial, grounds crew, and the dining hall, students also enjoy working off-campus jobs. This allows them to form community with people outside of their usual PHC peer group. We scouted out some prime off-campus part time jobs for you to pursue while attending college in Purcellville, VA! 

1. Local Coffee Shops

Purcellville, Virginia, is the home of many local coffee shops with numerous positions available. If you love crafting speciality coffees, baking homemade goods, or communicating with local customers in the atmosphere of coffee shops, these job options could be for you.

1. Happy Creek Coffee & Tea

Happy Creek Coffee & Tea is located within walking distance from PHC's campus, with available jobs including a part time barista and a part time baker. Happy Creek specializes in artesian coffees, pour overs, real-fruit juices and smoothies, but also has food to offer, such as breakfast and lunch paninis, soups, and freshly-made gluten free baked goods.  If you enjoy greeting regular customers, the buzz of small business calls, and crafting lattes with coffee house tunes playing softly in the background, this job is for you. 

2. Market Street Coffee 

Market Street is a coffee shop for the locals, usually with a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere where students go to enjoy the comfort of couches and tables while they read, study, or chat quietly. Market Street offers specialty coffees as well as gelato, bubble tea, baked goods, and various foods available to order. Managed by a kind, local family, Market Street is for you if you want a friendly atmosphere of book readers and studying students. 

3. Petit Lulu Crêperie + Café

La Petit Lulu is a French coffee shop and bakery located in Purcellville within walking distance of PHC. Petit Lulu offers a variety of expert coffee and teas, sweet and savory crepes, and handmade croissants and pastries baked every hour. Petit Lulu's atmosphere and Parisan crepes and coffee transports guests to urban  Paris. Petit Lulu is the part-time job for you if you enjoy baking and crafting coffees in an urban Parisan atmosphere. 


II. Zion Springs Wedding Venue

Located in Hamilton, Virginia, a 10-minute drive from PHC's campus, Zion Springs is a wedding venue providing jobs varying from wedding design, to serving, to working in the kitchen. Zion Springs' hours are almost solely on the weekends, making it easier for a student to find time to work. If being part of a team making a wedding happen, whether that be creating flower arrangements or serving at the wedding reception, sounds like something you'd love to do, this part-time job could be for you while attending college in Purcellville.


III. Chick-Fil-A

Located in Purcellville, VA, just across the street from PHC's campus, Chick-Fil-A is always looking for applicants with a coachable spirit and genuine desire to serve others. Chick-Fil-A does not require previous work experience, offers advancement opportunities to team members who show leadership and interpersonal skills, and since they are closed on Sunday's, students will have a designated free day to for worship and preparation for the upcoming week. If you prefer an atmosphere surrounded by quality individuals, a fast-paced work environment, and a local business that cares about you, this is a job for you. 


IV. Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks is located in Purcellville, across the street from PHC, and is a familiar study spot for locals and PHC students alike. Usually more fast-paced with orders both in-store and to-go, Starbucks is a lively atmosphere full of conversation and excitement. If you prefer a fast-paced job with conversation and continuous tasks to complete, this could be the off-campus job for you.


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