A Need for Action: Why S.I. Matters in Today's Climate

Posted by Emma Perley on 6/16/21 8:34 AM

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The following article was also authored by Rachel Cochrane

As international affairs change rapidly, our nation struggles to find ethical and knowledgeable leaders in the intelligence community that will guide America forward. Patrick Henry College enables students to do just that.

Patrick Henry College’s Strategic Intelligence program seeks to to equip bright Christian leaders with the ability to make ethical decisions under pressure and perform excellently at high levels of security. The elite internships that Patrick Henry College provides gives students leadership skills from a classical liberal arts perspective and practical, hands-on experience in the field of Strategic Intelligence.

The Goal

The Strategic Intelligence program provides students with an intensive and systematic study of the intelligence discipline, and fully prepares students so that they may influence and lead the intelligence and national security endeavors of the United States from a Christian perspective.

National security concerns inch forward as the world becomes more globally oriented and technologically advanced. As the American policy makers strive to make the United States a safer place, discovering the truth has become more important than ever. Patrick Henry College recognizes the need for action, and the strategic intelligence major places specific focus on successfully training students for future careers in the US intelligence force. Ethical retrieval, study, and interpretation of information requires strategic operations and analysis grounded in strong morals, which is what Patrick Henry College consistently encourages and demonstrates in the S.I. major. There is a great need for moral leadership in the intelligence profession as there is in all of life. The Strategic Intelligence Major at Patrick Henry College seeks to teach its students a balance between the values of security and liberty .

Cultural Significance

Patrick Henry College’s Strategic Intelligence program focuses on training students as skilled analysts so that they might have a compass towards truth when navigating U.S. national security concerns and policy-making decisions. PHC utilizes a broad, liberal arts education that fully prepares students to commit themselves to a generational opportunity for emerging, young leaders in the Intelligence profession.

Patrick Henry College’s classical Christian core courses prompt students to think carefully about life’s biggest questions: what is good, what is right, what is true? And perhaps most importantly, how ought Christians to go about addressing the world’s problems? This foundation is vital to producing ethical and knowledgeable leaders in today’s international world. Patrick Henry College instills the answer to these questions through academic rigor, unwavering biblical worldview, and a fidelity to the spirit of the American founding in all school programs, including the Strategic Intelligence major. The S.I. program specifically teaches a respect for the intelligence function and its role in defending a free society, as well as cultivates students’ ability to anticipate moral, ethical, and mission challenges at the highest levels of security in the United States.

Why Patrick Henry?

Patrick Henry College faculty consult with a Board of Advisors comprised of nationally recognized experts in intelligence and national security. Students are provided with the best professors in the field as well as many connections to launch them into a career path in strategic intelligence. The Strategic Intelligence program prepares students to be outstanding intelligence professionals by combining a classical liberal arts core curriculum, S.I. core courses, and major electives in intelligence with a strong focus on moral imagination and professionalism. In addition, S.I. meets the requirements of the International Association for Intelligence Education, making Patrick Henry College one of only five undergraduate colleges in the United States to obtain this certification.

Patrick Henry College is unique in that it has a comprehensive liberal arts core curriculum of 63 credits. In this way, students acquire broad knowledge through core classes and gain the skills and experience they need in major courses to compete effectively for positions in the intelligence and national security industries.


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