7 Apps to Help You Thrive in College

Posted by Kara Brown on 4/11/19 9:43 AM

7 Apps to Help You Thrive in College

Prepping for college can be daunting but using technology to help you along the way can be a lifesaver. Check out some of the apps Patrick Henry College students use to keep up on their assignments and enjoy college life. 

1. Google Calendar

google-calendarEveryone needs something to help schedule their life. With Google Calendar, you can add events and set reminders for all your classes and activities. Calendars can also be shared between other Google Calendar users, so you can let your roommate know what you’ll be up to for the week. PHC sophomore Patricia Mullett says, “Google Calendar kinda holds my life together.”

Courtesy of Google Calendar

2. MyStudyLife

Sophomore Elle Reynolds says, “MyStudyLife is an app that basically functions as both calendar and checklist! You plug all your assignments in at the beginning of the semester and it’ll show you at a glance what assignments are coming up for each class.”


3. Trello

Keep all your task on organized boards with Trello. This platform is perfect for anyone who likes working on each task within its category. Add members to particular boards to collaborate on group projects.

Trello Courtesy of Trello

4. Marco Polo

Macro Polo AppStaying in touch while away at college can be difficult, but freshman Elizabeth Borders recommends the video chat app Marco Polo. What makes this app different than Skype or Facetime is you can continue an ongoing conversation throughout the day by sending recorded video messages that can be answered at any time. It also has group messaging options making it perfect for families and friend groups.

Courtesy of Marco Polo

5. Forest

This app is $1.99 on the Apple Store but many students find it worth it. If you have a problem trying to stay focused but keep finding yourself on your phone, then check out this app! Set the amount of time you want to focus then put your phone down. Forest will plant a virtual tree for each uninterrupted time of focus. If you pick up your phone the tree will die, and you start over. Compete with friends for the lushest forest. 

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 12.59.14 PM 

Courtesy of Forest and Apple Store


6. Sleep Cycle

Sleep CycleOne of the most important keys to succeeding as a student is staying rested. Sleep Cycle functions as a sleep tracking app and alarm clock. What distinguishes this app from the alarm on your phone is that tracks the restfulness of your sleep. Using the five stages of sleep, it wakes you up when you are in your lightest stage of sleep.

Courtesy of Sleep Cycle

7. BandsInTown 

Not all of college should be spent studying and sleeping. Getting out and doing something fun is also important! BandsInTown lets you know when bands are coming to your area (surprise!). You can connect it to your Spotify, and it detects your listening habits to notify you when artist you listen to have a concert near you. It also recommends other artists similar you might like.


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