Patrick Henry, Government, and the White House

Posted by Emma Perley on 6/2/21 1:41 PM

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The following article was also authored by Rachel Cochrane and Carrie Durning

Exclusive Opportunities at Patrick Henry College

What makes the academic and internship program at Patrick Henry College stand out from any other BA-level program in Government? The answer is simple: the Liberal Arts program at Patrick Henry College is designed to be classical in its approach, American in its performance, and Christian in its worldview.

The internship program offered at Patrick Henry College does not fall short of those standards of excellence, and Patrick Henry’s unique location, only 50 minutes from Washington, D.C., allows students unique opportunities to receive top internships in the nation’s capital.

Excellence in the Government Major

The Government Major at Patrick Henry College prepares students to be outstanding public servants, whether in a foreign policy, domestic policy, the academic sphere, or the intelligence community. Government students have a unique opportunity to engage in their chosen fields within the greater Washington D.C. community, including the White House, Capitol Hill, government agencies, think tanks, non-profit and faith-based organizations, and a variety of county and local government agencies. 

Spotlight: the APP Program

One specific Government track which prepares its graduates for excellence in government is American Politics and Policy. This track explores American institutions and behavior, state and local government, public economics, public policy, and research methods. After completing 12 credits of required government courses, students choose from a variety of domestic policy or politics courses and apprenticeships. The White House has typically extended many internships specifically to Patrick Henry College APP students over the years. Learn more using the link below.

American Politics and Policy at PHC

Unique Government Apprenticeship Experiences

A key distinctive of Patrick Henry College is its focus on apprenticeship training, which helps students find their vocation (or calling), and gives them prior experience in their future career fields. Each type of apprenticeship experience at PHC offers a unique experience for each student. Faculty provide oversight and direction to the apprenticeship experience as they take on the mantle of mentors and advisors to students.

PHC alumna Elle Reynolds was a Government major with a track focus in American Politics and Policy, and received an internship with the White House in Washington, D.C., shortly after arriving at the College. “There were days that I would run into multiple PHC alumni working in the White House in the same day… it seemed like everywhere I went [in the White House] I knew a friend from PHC,” said Reynolds. While some administrations are more favorable towards PHC than others, PHC students have a track record of interning at the White House, often at the same time as other students.

Reynolds interned at the Office of Political Affairs, where she would sift through media coverage and write up daily news briefs providing summaries of policy news. She also researched policy topics such as healthcare, economic opportunity zones, and childcare for working mothers.

One of the most influential things Reynolds learned while interning at the White House was to be faithful in the small things. “Sometimes an assignment that I would get seemed tedious or unimportant, but I never knew when one of my bosses would come back to the office and tell me that he’d referenced my work in a meeting with the President,” said Reynolds.

“You never know where your work will go, and something that seems like an everyday task may be the work product representing you to higher-ups,” Reynolds said. “So the internship definitely taught me to do every assignment to the best of my ability and to do so with a joyful attitude because it really is an exciting time and place to be in.”

Cultural Significance

American Politics and Policy opens the door for students who want to make real, lasting change within the American political system. American Politics and Policy at PHC paves the way for students to take leadership roles in our nation because it is bolstered by a rigorous classical liberal arts curriculum, offers forensics and debate opportunities that rival Harvard and Yale, and offers students expert, experienced faculty that offer guidance to students that is faithful to biblical truth.


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