Telling True Stories: An Introduction to Journalism at Patrick Henry College

Posted by Emma Perley on 6/7/21 10:30 AM

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The following article was also authored by  Carrie Durning

Patrick Henry College continues to meet the reputation of being one of the top Christian colleges in the country. Each academic major offered at Patrick Henry College offers a classical Christian liberal arts education of high academic rigor and excellence. The classical Christian liberal arts education offered at Patrick Henry College combines an unwavering biblical worldview, high academic rigor, and lifts high both faith and reason, a unique combination of three distinctives which set Patrick Henry College apart from any other college in the world.

So how do the unique aspects of PHC affect our Journalism & Digital Media program? We’re glad you asked. Journalism & Digital Media at Patrick Henry builds a foundation on the relevance of American liberty as Journalism students aim to discover the truth and write accurately and fairly about the news of the world.

A New Focus for Journalists

The Journalism & Digital Media major at Patrick Henry College requires major-specific courses, depending on the major track. These tracks include

Political Journalism
Classical Liberal Arts Journalism
Journalism Entrepreneurship

Courses required for the Journalism & Digital Media major are Intro to Journalism, Digital Design I, Multimedia Skills, Journalism History, Narrative Nonfiction, Media Law, and Faith & Reason Integration Essay. Each student in the Journalism major is required to take at least two semesters (6 credits) of The Herald, a student-led school publication.

Thrive in Multiple Career Paths

Patrick Henry College has a reputation of excellence among the top Christian institutions of higher education in the country. Journalism alumni from Patrick Henry College have graduated to work in news organizations such as WORLD Magazine, WORLD Radio, Fox News, The Federalist, Reuters, The Dispatch, and as press secretaries in the White House, the U.S. Senate, and the House of Representatives. Journalism & Digital Media students from PHC have also succeeded in jobs at The Heritage Foundation, The Discovery Institute, The Colson Center, the NSA, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Les Sillars, the Associate Academic Dean, the Chairman of the Department Applied Liberal Arts, and the Professor of Journalism at Patrick Henry College, has taught at PHC since 2002. Dr. Sillars is on staff with WORLD News Group, where he is an editor and commentator for its daily podcast, The World and Everything In It.

Dr. Sillars’ writing has also been published by many outlets, including First Things and The Weekly Standard, and has published the book, Intended for Evil: A Survivor’s Story of Love, Faith, and Courage in the Cambodian Killing Fields.

See, Think, Write, and Serve with Clarity

“The media industry has seen much disruption in recent years,” Dr. Sillars said, “but with much disruption comes opportunity.” The most foundational skills found in journalism are the abilities to see the world clearly, think clearly, and write clearly. Dr. Sillars believes that these are the key components of being a journalist: to see, think, and write with clarity allows one to serve the Lord in the journalism field or elsewhere. Patrick Henry seeks to train some of the best in a new generation of journalists who will fight to preserve liberty in America.

The Goal of Journalism

Patrick Henry College sees journalism as a way to train young Christian college students to have an eye that is quick to see the truth, and to encourage them to take leading roles in an increasingly secular media industry. Journalism has been changing and transforming for the last 20 years, and Christian journalists must hold fast to the standard of fairness, accuracy, and, above all, an objective moral foundation that is biblically rooted. Patrick Henry College believes in filling the need for bright young people who understand what it means to be a journalist with integrity and a firm grip on Christ.


If you care about protecting, nurturing, and investing in the world around you and enjoy writing, journalism might be for you. Are you being called to speak truth to power? Maybe you're not sure. If so, click below!

Journalism at PHC


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