8 Reasons Why College is A Good Choice

Posted by Christine McDonald on 7/16/21 10:00 AM


Whether college is looming in the near future or is a distant speck on the horizon, it’s never too early or late to figure out if college is the right choice! Check out this list for a handful of reasons why attending college is right for you. 

1. You will grow more independent. Whether you commute to campus or move out of the house, your independence will expand by attending college. You become the master of your own schedule, you learn how to manage time effectively, and you get to decide how you want to live as a growing young adult. 

2. College opens doors to opportunity. Note: do not read as “college will guarantee a successful life.” Success comes through personal initiative and hard work. However, college does provide far more contacts, internships, and networking opportunities than sitting at home!

3. You will become better disciplined for the world. Good college courses will prepare you for the challenges you face in everyday life. If you learn to turn in homework on time, you will be able to meet deadlines at work. Thinking critically about your thesis or contributing to the Great Conversation will make smaller tasks at work or home easier to accomplish. Group projects and spontaneous tasks will not be as intimidating if you have spent the past four years conditioning yourself to handle them!

4. You will have fun! While the purpose at college is to learn, living in a dorm and connecting with like-minded peers is filled with adventures! From college sports to club meetings to study parties to dining hall conversations, you will have plenty of moments to fondly remember and cherish.

5. College will help you think. In today’s society, those who are able to winsomely present their logical reasoning rise above the crowd. A good Christian College shows you how to approach situations with an open mind that is firmly rooted in the foundation of Scripture. College quickly shows you that you are not perfect – and that includes your faulty reasoning. What better place is there to develop your thinking skills than with trusted professors who will guide you well?

6. You will see the world. Travelling to a college far away from home provides hours of exploration and entertainment. The United States is full of interesting locations and historical landmarks; there is always something to do or see in your spare time! Even if you attend college in your hometown, the people you meet in class or in the dorm bring culture with them from many different regions. It’s pretty awesome to share stories with a missionary kid from Mexico or discuss the different ways one can say “soda” (or “pop”).

7. You might meet your soul mate. This is not a guarantee, but in the situation  where you find yourself attending a smaller college that attracts a certain demographic of people who have tastes and beliefs that are similar to your own, the statistical possibility that you just might find the person of your dreams definitely rises. And if you don’t find “the one,” you will at least come away with a squad of friends that will always have your back!

8. A good college will develop your love for learning. As William Butler Yeats said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” Education does not stop after the bell rings. Learning is found in the classroom, in the dining commons, in the dorm room, in the chapel hall, and in every situation you find yourself. Life is not black and white. College fuels your desire to navigate the gray areas, finding the answers to life.

What are some of your reasons why college was a good choice? Let us know by commenting below!

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