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Department of Classical Liberal Arts


Steve R. Hake, Ph.D. Chairman of the Department of Classical Liberal Arts and Professor of Literature
David B. Aikman, Ph.D. Professor of History and Writer in Residence
Darrel W. Cox, Ph.D. Professor of Biblical Studies
Steven G. McCollum, D.M.A. Director of Music and Professor of Music
Gene Edward Veith, Ph.D. Provost and Professor of Literature
Michael J. Kucks, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics
Laura E. McCollum, Ed.D. Associate Professor of Education
Stephen S. McRoberts, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Classics
Matthew E. Roberts, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy
Robert G. Spinney, Ph.D. Associate Professor of History
Cory Grewell, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Literature
Douglas V. Favelo, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of History
Jackquelyn H. Veith, Ed.D. Assistant Professor of Education
Randy Newman, M.Div. Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies
Kurt F. Erhard, M.A. Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
Mark D. Filiatreau, M.F.A. Adjunct Professor of Literature
Lynn McCool, M.A. Adjunct Professor of Rhetoric
Scott McCormick, D.M. Adjunct Professor of Music
Susan Bour, B.A. Adjunct Professor of Music
Phoebe Rist, M.A. Adjunct Professor of Theatre
Kristina M. Tanner, D.M.A. Adjunct Professor of Music
Alexandra Shourds, M.A. Adjunct Professor of Spanish
David A. Lee, M.S. Adjunct Professor of Biology
Wallace E. Kelly, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Mathematics

Department of Government


Mark T. Mitchell, Ph.D. Chairman of the Department of Government and Professor of Government
Stephen K. Baskerville, Ph.D. Professor of Government
Michael P. Farris, J.D. Chancellor and Professor of Government
Frank Guliuzza, Ph.D. Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Government
Marvin Olasky, Ph.D. Distinguished Professor of Journalism and Public Policy
Leslie D. Sillars, Ph.D. Director of Journalism Program and Professor of Journalism
Michael L. Haynes, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Government
Roberta L. Bayer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Government
Gordon R. Middleton, D.S.L. Director of Strategic Intelligence Program and Assistant Professor of Strategic Intelligence
Susan N. Olasky, M.A. Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Writer in Residence
Nathan J. Russell, M.A., A.B.D Instructor of Economics
Daniel L. Bennett Instructor of Economics
Brian Auten, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Government
Jonathan P. Binnie, J.D. Adjunct Professor of Government
Joe P. Carter, M.B.A. Adjunct Professor of Journalism
Marek J. Chodakiewicz, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Government
Michael P. Donnelly, J.D. Adjunct Professor of Government
James A. Cox, B.S. Adjunct Professor of Journalism
John Grano, M.S. Adjunct Professor of Journalism
Coyle Neal, M.A. Adjunct Professor of Government
Carl D. Rehberg, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of Government