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John Warwick Montgomery, Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Christian Thought

Educational Background:
Dr. Montgomery holds eleven earned degrees: Ph.D., University of Chicago; LL.D., University of Cardiff, Wales; Th.D., University of Strasbourg; M.Div., Wittenberg University; M.Phil., University of Essex; M.A., University of California, Berkeley; LL.M., University of Cardiff, Wales; LL.B., LaSalle Extension University; S.T.M., Wittenberg University; B.L.S., University of California-Berkeley; A.B., Cornell University.

Time at PHC: 2008 to present

One of contemporary Christianity’s leading apologetics experts joined our faculty in spring 2008. Dr. John Warwick Montgomery, author of more than fifty books in four languages on the issues of human rights and biblical apologetics, has been named a Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Christian Thought at PHC. Dr. Montgomery, who lives in France and England, spends each fall semester teaching the core course in apologetics at Patrick Henry and an upper level course entitled Philosophy of Law and Human Rights. According to Dr. Gene Edward Veith, Provost at PHC, “Dr. John Warwick Montgomery is one of the giants in Christian thought. He is one of the most influential voices in apologetics today; his spiritual children include Josh McDowell and many others.”

Dr. Montgomery is an ordained Lutheran minister and English and French barrister, and is admitted to practice as a lawyer before the Supreme Court of the United States. Besides his extensive literary corpus, Dr. Montgomery has won leading religious liberties cases before the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France.