Elyssa Edwards

Executive Director at the Age of 21

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Ardee Coolidge

From Admissions Counselor to Life Advocate 

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Erin Eskew

Author of  Stories Across the ... Read More

Andrew and Kayla Ferguson

The Harvard Duo

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Bre Payton

A Thoughtful (and Sometimes Somewhat Sar­castic) ... Read More

Peter Forbes

Peter Forbes is the first PHC alumnus to gain admission into a major film graduate ... Read More

Stephanie Salomon

From History Major to Border ... Read More

Matt Wolking

Communications Advisor

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Rebekah Moughon

From Intelligence Analyst to Higher Education

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Jeremiah Lorrig

PHC Alums Work On Creating Audio Drama Program

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Jennifer van Leeuwen

The Girl with the Camera

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Tyler and Tia Stockton

Moving Home and Toward the Next Adventure

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Chelsea Boes

Beginning the Life-After-College Story

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Erik Landstrom

Erik's Art Enriches and Beautifies PHC Campus

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Jennifer Olmstead

Finds Career in Typography and Entrepreneurship

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