Political Philosophy Track

Within the Government Major

The Political Philosophy track provides an ideal opportunity for students to pursue studies at the intersection of politics and philosophy. Political Philosophy students are equipped to engage fundamental questions that lie at the heart of political life. They seek to understand the history of political and philosophical ideas so they can better grapple with today’s challenges. They seek to better understand the nature of justice, the relationship between human nature and the good, the characteristics of a healthy society, and the conditions necessary for human flourishing.

Political Philosophy Patrick Henry College

The Program

This track is geared specifically toward students who want to engage philosophical ideas at a high level and apply those ideas to current problems. Students who desire to go on to graduate school in either political theory, political philosophy, or philosophy will be well served by this program as will any student who seeks a deeper understanding of the world in which we live. The apprenticeship component of this program is geared primarily toward writing: either a thesis or a series of shorter papers (which conceivably could be used as writing samples for graduate school applications).

The Professors

Students will have the opportunity to work closely with three PHC professors:

Dr. Bayer, Ph.D.

Dr. Mitchell, Ph.D. 

Dr. Roberts, Ph.D.

Each of these professors have interests and specializations that provide Political Philosophy students with a wide latitude for pursuing areas of particular interest.  

Why Study Philosophy?

List of Courses & Recommended Course Sequence for The Political Philosophy Track

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