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Neal Doran, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology

Educational Background:
Ph.D. in Geology (paleontology), Florida State University
M.S. in Geology, University of Cincinnati
M.A. in History, University of Florida
B.A. in Geology, University of Florida

Time at PHC: 2007 to present

Dr. Neal Doran teaches biology at Patrick Henry College. His fields of interest include invertebrate and micropaleontology, morphometrics, survivorship analysis, the metaphysics behind modern biological thought, and origins. Dr. Doran’s publications include “Is extinction age-dependent?” (Palaios, 2006) and “Deviation from Red Queen behaviour at stratigraphic boundaries” (Geological Society, London, Special Publication 230, 2004). Conference presentations include work on brachiopod morphometrics, the trace fossil Diplocriterion, and statistical analyses of environmental trends. A four-year statistical analysis of Florida’s springs was among the first to demonstrate saltwater intrusion into Florida's statewide, freshwater resources (published in 2011). Current work also includes the relationship of morphology to extinction in planktonic foraminifera and morphology and environment in the brachiopod genus Platystrophia.