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Announcing a New Track: Journalism Entrepreneurship

Posted by Patrick Henry College on June 19, 2019 at 9:50 AM


Are you one of those students who likes both writing and math? Do you want to help shape the next generation of news and media companies? Or give yourself critical skills with words and concepts that will help you succeed in a variety of careers?

Patrick Henry College has added a new track to its Journalism Major that could be just what you’re looking for: Journalism Entrepreneurship.

It’s for students who are interested in business and journalism—whether writing about business, working on the business side of a media organization, or maybe even starting their own news or media organization. To PHC’s classical liberal arts core and training in journalism, the Journalism Entrepreneurship Track adds advanced courses in math and economics.

“I’m delighted that our accreditors have approved our proposal,” said Dr. Les Sillars, who heads PHC’s journalism program. “The media industry has seen a lot of disruption in recent years, but with disruption comes opportunity. This track will give students the skills and tools they need to develop new ways to do and to finance journalism.”

But it offers even more than that, Dr. Sillars added. The foundational skills for journalism are the abilities to see the world clearly, think clearly, and write clearly. “If you can do those things, you can be a journalist,” he said, “and you can serve the Lord in many other fields as well.”

As a result PHC graduates who want to find jobs in newsrooms can find them. “But we’ve also had alumni become teachers, lawyers, communications professionals, analysts, and many other things,” Dr. Sillars said. “This track opens up even more doors in fields that require people with keen analytical skills, relational ability, and a talent for effective communication.” Possibilities include everything from analyst to marketer in fields as diverse as law enforcement and financial services.

The Journalism Entrepreneurship Track joins the two existing tracks: Political Journalism and Liberal Arts. PHC alumni have gone on to work in many news organizations including WORLD Magazine and WORLD Radio, Fox News, TheFederalist.com and many others. They’ve also found jobs at the Heritage Foundation, The Discovery Institute, The Colson Center, the NSA, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Sillars has taught at PHC since 2002. Since 1999 he’s been on staff at WORLD News Group, where he is an editor and commentator for its daily podcast, The World and Everything In It. His writing has also appeared in many outlets ranging from First Things to The Weekly Standard.


The Journalism major prepares Christian students to be outstanding journalists. Students will gain the skills, knowledge, and experience they will need to compete effectively for positions with news media in local, regional, and national markets. Students also develop a strong sense of professionalism, a respect for the institution of journalism and its role in maintaining a free society, and the ability to understand and evaluate trends and practices in contemporary journalism. Most importantly, they will develop a biblically-based philosophy of journalism to guide them as they seek truth as the ultimate goal in all that they investigate and report.

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