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If you believe that telling true stories is not just a job but a calling, help an aspiring young writer get the training to see the world clearly, think clearly, and write clearly. Contribute to the Alumni Journalism Award. We hope to offer two awards of $2,500 each.

Yes, I’m talking especially to you, PHC Journalism alumni.

This scholarship and the Journalism Alumni blog are new ways we’re helping Journalism alumni connect with each other and with current students. The network of Journalism alumni extends across the country and across many media. Show prospective freshmen that they are not just gaining a quality Christian education, they are joining a supportive community.

Help welcome two new students for next fall. Make a donation, check out the blog, let Dr. Sillars ldsillars@phc.edu know what you’re up to, and then send a note to a fellow alumni you haven’t seen in years.


Goal: $5,000

We can’t do it without you.

Click here to donate, and be sure to write “Alumni Journalism Award” in the comment box.

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