Journalism | Academics

The classes have taught me
to develop rough ideas into comprehensive narratives,
to harness my curiosity productively,
and to be persistent and dedicated
to my work.
—Harvest Prude ('18)

The Journalism major prepares Christian students to be outstanding journalists.

Students will gain the skills, knowledge, and experience they will need to compete effectively for positions with news media in local, regional, and national markets. Students also develop a strong sense of professionalism, a respect for the institution of journalism and its role in maintaining a free society, and the ability to understand and evaluate trends and practices in contemporary journalism. Most importantly, they will develop a biblically-based philosophy of journalism to guide them as they seek truth as the ultimate goal in all that they investigate and report.


The Program

All Journalism majors study basic news reporting and writing (Intro to Journalism I and II) as well as Media Law and Journalism History.  Students may choose one of three tracks. A working knowledge of politics is essential in most newsrooms; the Political Journalism Track, with broad and intensive courses in government, prepares students to work as general assignment or political reporters and editors. The Liberal Arts Track, with a professional writing course and other upper-division CLA classes in addition to the core curriculum, is designed for students who want a solid historical and literary background to help them interpret the culture and produce insightful essays, narratives, and other types of features. The Journalism Entrepreneurship Track is for students who are interested in business and journalism—whether writing about business or  working on the business side of a media organization, or maybe even starting their own news or media organization. To PHC’s classical liberal arts core and training in journalism, the Journalism Entrepreneurship Track adds advanced courses in math and economics.


Still in high school?

We have just the thing for you! Check out our WORLD Journalism Institute Multi-Media Camp at Patrick Henry College. You’ll experience life as a reporter in a digital world. You will learn how to conduct interviews, how to record and edit video and audio files, and how to tell stories. Mostly importantly, you’ll discover how to think biblically about the news. You will find and craft stories for several platforms and practice engaging your audience.


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