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"Without a framework our lives are a blizzard of disconnected facts and events. But a storyteller says, “Do you want to know what love is? Or courage or greed or compassion? Do you want to know where you came from and where you’re going? Do you want to know why evil stalks the earth? Do you want to know why life changes? Do you want to know what connects you to other people? Let me tell you a story.”
—Les Sillars, Ph.D., Professor of Journalism

Apprenticeship Experience and Methodology

Internships are a key part of the Patrick Henry College Journalism program. After completing Journalism II (usually in their freshman or sophomore year), students spend two semesters as staff members on the student newspaper, magazine, or radio program (Student Publications Internship I and II). In the fall semester, students will take a skills course directly related to their internship; students working with one of the print publications will take Print Media Graphics, while those with the radio program will take Radio Journalism.

Usually in their junior or senior year students must earn at least six internship credits by completing an off-campus internship. Students have interned at, among other publications, theWashington Times, the Washington ExaminerWORLD Magazine, the Baltimore Sun, NBC and Fox affiliates in Washington, National GeographicAmerican Spectator, NBC/Universal in Los Angeles, American Family Radio, USAToday.com, and many smaller newspapers and broadcast stations. Students complete the program's internship requirements by taking 9 credits of journalism electives (e.g. Political Journalism, Narrative Non-Fiction), additional off-campus internships, freelance project internships under the supervision of the Director of Journalism, or a combination of the above.

Previous PHC Internship or Work Opportunities

  • WORLD Magazine
  • Walden Media
  • TheFederalist.com
  • ABC and Fox TV affiliates
  • The American Conservative
  • National Geographic
  • KFI Radio (Los Angeles)
  • NBC/Universal
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • Reuters
  • Smaller news organizations, companies, and non-profit agencies

Recommended Courses and Course Sequence for the Journalism Major.

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