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"I have learned so much during my time so far at PHC taking classes with Dr. Sillars. Small class sizes and the fact that you have direct input from a veteran reporter on your stories have helped me to hone my skills and get my first internship after my freshman year. "

—Evie (Fordham) Solheim,'18 


Leslie Sillars, Ph.D.

Director and Professor of Journalism

Dr. Sillars (University of Texas at Austin) teaches courses in the Journalism major, directs internships, serves as a student adviser, and oversees the student newspaper. He writes and edits for worldmag.com and is Mailbag Editor at WORLD magazine. His work has also appeared in The Weekly Standard, Touchstone, The American Conservative, The Gospel Coalition, and others. His first book, Intended for Evil: A Survivor's Story of Love, Faith, and Courage in the Cambodian Killing Fields, came out in October, 2016.

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