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Nathan Martin: Asking Tough Questions About Education

Posted by Patrick Henry College on December 1, 2018 at 4:21 PM

nathanmartin[4979] Nathan Martin, Class of ’09, says that what gets him excited is the chance to ask—and maybe sometimes start to answer—questions about the future of work and education.

His current title is “Director of Global Thought Leadership” at Pearson, a major educational publishing and assessment company based in London, where he now lives. “Pearson’s a place where we can ask tough questions,” he said. 

Martin has been able to use the skills he developed in journalism—see the world clearly, think clearly, write clearly—in his work as an education analyst and to develop various media that explore important issues in education. This week he published a piece headlined, “Three ways employers can prepare for the future of work.” 

He is also executive producer of a podcast called Nevertheless, about women who are using technology to transform teaching and learning. Click here for a remarkable story about the innovation that uses the connection between a mother and her unborn baby to save the life of her prematurely-born daughter. “Stories,” he points out, “can be just as powerful as research.”