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The program is unique because it gave me the opportunity to do internships in any discipline I wanted, rather than simply taking classes. When I began looking for a post-college job in the nonprofit sector, I already had 2 years of work experience in that field, augmented by a wealth of counseling and wisdom from my academic advisor. Thanks to my PHC education, I entered the workforce not only with classical foundations and theories behind my work, but also with the practical wisdom to excel.
—Elyssa Edwards, '16
EBA Internships

Internship Program and Methodology

One of the great challenges in contemporary higher education is connecting classroom learning to skills needed in a vocation. Historically the apprenticeship model solves this dilemma. The idea of an apprenticeship comes from the classical concept of Master and Apprentice. The work of the apprentice is overseen by an experienced professional who spends time training and equipping the apprentice with the skills needed to achieve mastery.

At Patrick Henry College, out-of-classroom learning in the form of internships is specifically designed to fill the gap between the classroom and vocational experience. Internships are typically short in duration (1-3 months) and designed to give students an opportunity to engage in a specific professional environment. Internships are important in helping students explore their potential vocational choices. Students are required to choose from several options to meet their apprentice requirements of 12 credits before graduation.

The Economics & Business Analytics program leverages the apprenticeship/internship model by equipping students to directly translate analytical, statistical, financial, and organizational skills from the classroom to the workplace. This approach allows EBA students to make meaningful contributions in their chosen fields—even before graduating. In return for their skills, seasoned professionals invest in these students to take them to the next level of practical skill development.


Internship Experiences

Economic & Business Analytics students have successfully completed internships in the following industries:​



Financial Services

The Executive Branch

Small Business

Private Equity


National Security


International Business

Investment Banking


Judicial & Law

Oil & Gas

Wholesale Distribution



Retail Analysis

Policy Organizations

High Technology

Non-profit Sector

Tech Stock Trading

Mathematical Modeling


Agriculture Government Contracting

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