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EBA | Internship Opportunities

The program is unique because it gave me the opportunity to do 18 credits of internship in any discipline I wanted, rather than simply taking classes. When I began looking for a post-college job in the nonprofit sector, I already had 2 years of work experience in that field, augmented by a wealth of counseling and wisdom from my academic advisor. Thanks to my PHC education, I entered the workforce not only with classical foundations and theories behind my work, but also with the practical wisdom to excel.
—Elyssa Edwards, '16
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Apprenticeship Experience and Methodology

A key distinctive of Patrick Henry College is its focus on apprenticeship training. EBA students are required to choose several apprenticeship opportunities comprising a nearly half of their major program (17 credits).

Integral to the apprenticeship methodology is a co-op component which places students with a single company during their college career. Students work at their partner company for two summers and one semester on projects of significance. The co-op component of the major is designed to provide real world mentoring in the field. Such grounding prevents participants from developing a limited "theory only" perspective on their studies. It also provides students the ability to earn while they learn.

Each type of apprenticeship experience is unique. While apprenticeships are largely initiated by the students, PHC faculty are engaged in the learning process and provide oversight and direction to the apprenticeship experience.

Cooperative Internship

Students will be paired with a single company for two summers and one semester of intensive work experience, enjoying real-world experience working alongside top corporate and entrepreneurial leaders. The experience will involve:

  • Paid positions
  • In-the-field mentoring and networking
  • Opportunities to complete a substantial on-site research project
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Responsibility beyond that of a typical internship

Recommended Courses and Course Sequence for the Major

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