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Economics & Business Analytics Department  Staff

"The program equips students with both practical and theoretical proficiency and cleanly amalgamates with the classical liberal arts education. The result is a holistic understanding of technical principles and the application of those principles, two sides of one coin that is imperative to effective work in finance, business or economics."

—Josh Devamithran, '16


Building great leaders begins with great teachers

At Patrick Henry College, the EBA program faculty bring a rare mix of academic qualifications and extensive practical experience. From building models for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to leading complex corporations, the EBA program faculty have applied their areas of expertise in a variety of academic and marketplace settings.

Howard Schmidt

Howard Schmidt, M.B.A.

Executive Vice President, PHC
Director of Economics & Business Analytics

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, The Ohio State University, cum laude
Masters of Business Administration, Millsaps College, magna cum laude

With over 30 years of executive leadership in both domestic and international companies, Professor Schmidt leverages his extensive leadership expertise to equip students with both the analytical and leadership skills needed to thrive in complex organizational environments.

 His goal is to equip emerging leaders to think like CEOs who honor God and serve others through the incorporation of professional excellence, informed decision making, and the Word of God throughout their careers. He teaches courses in financial analysis, competitive strategy, Business methods, and entrepreneurship.

Jack W. Haye

Jack W. Haye

President, PHC
Bachelor's in Music, Baylor University
Master's in International Management, Finance, and Accounting, Thunderbird School of Global Management

President Haye comes from a 30-year career of executive leadership in the corporate banking world, following by a period as Executive Pastor of a 5,000-member church near Dallas, Texas. President Haye teaches leadership and organizational behavior to EBA students.




Tracey McGrath, Ph.D.

Tracey McGrath, Ph.D.

Director of Science Programs
Professor of Mathematics & Physics

Doctorate degree: Ph.D. in Geological & Geophysical Science, Princeton University 
Master's degree: M.A. in Geological & Geophysical Science, Princeton University
Bachelor's degree: B.A. in Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago

Dr. McGrath has taught at both CalTech and Harvard University. Dr. McGrath has also created mathematical and economic models for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. She teaches courses in advanced math and science.


Nathan Russell, M.A.

Assistant Professor of Economics
M.A. in Economics, George Mason University

Coming from a background in the Austrian and Virginia schools of economic theory, Professor Russell specializes in applied economics, public choice, economic policy, and public finance. He brings a deep background of micro and public economic theory to EBA students.

Paul Millhouse

Paul Millhouse, M.S.

Adjunct Professor of Mathematics
B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Auburn University
M.S. in Operations Research, Statistics, Air Force Institute of Technology

With over 25 years of military and industry leadership experience, Professor Millhouse is passionate about helping students understand statistical concepts and methods and apply them to real-world situations. Through his teaching, he helps students better understand the value and limitations of data to reveal what is true about the world around us.

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