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Emergency: ext. 8888 or 540-441-8888


The Director for Public Safety and Event Services is responsible for all operations of Campus Safety, Health and Events.  The Director of Public Safety serves as the Chief of Campus Safety and is the direct supervisor of the all Campus Safety Squad Leaders, and Campus Safety personnel. The Director of Public Safety and Event Services reports directly to the Vice President of Finance and Administration who, in turn, reports directly to the President.


The Campus Safety Chief is the ranking officer on the Campus Safety team. The Campus Safety Chief serves as the direct supervisor of the Campus Safety Squad Leaders, and Campus Safety Officers and is responsible for the day-to-day Campus Safety operations, and training.  



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Kevin J. Toczko

Campus Safety Chief

Kevin J. Toczko serves as the Campus Safety Chief overseeing the 24/7 operations of Campus Safety.  He came to Patrick Henry College in 2024 with 10 years of military experience. He served in the Army at the Pentagon from 1985-1988 and in the Navy as a Seabee from 2008-2014. He was trained as an Armorer while serving in the Army. In the Navy, he was an Utilitiesman (UT1) and obtained his Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist (SCW) designation. He “fast-tracked” in his military career to become a First-Class Petty Officer leading various teams and projects. He was trained in battlefield first aid, escape and evasion, multiple weapons of warfare, and combat effectiveness. While on deployments in Guantanamo Bay (GTMO) and Honduras, he was a Combat Warfare Instructor and responsible for leading and teaching others to become SCW Specialists and co-leading various projects on base. While serving his country in GTMO he was building various facilities on base and while in Honduras, he was part of humanitarian efforts building schoolhouses for a community in La Lima. He has studied Combat Warfare with the Army and the Navy, trained with the Marines, and he continues to apply that training to the security and well-being of Patrick Henry College.


Chief Toczko currently spends volunteer hours serving as armed security personnel for a local church monitoring several thousand people each week. He has been volunteering for 6 years and continues his studies and training in handgun techniques and tactical warfare on his own. He is also currently licensed through the Commonwealth of Virginia as an Armed Security Guard with Arresting Authority. Both positions require basic and advanced handgun qualifications semi-annually and annually. 


Over his career, he has achieved various medals, certifications, licenses, promotions, and accolades from both his civilian and military experiences. These include: Master Utilitiesman, Army Commendation Medal, First Class Leadership Course, Advanced Combat Skills, US Navy Meritorious Medal, Armed Forces Reserve Medal, Land Navigation, Convoy Security Leader, and Defensive Positioning. He has been involved with various operations for corporations as a manager or supervisor and continues to lead today here at Patrick Henry College! 

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