Campus Safety

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Standards of Conduct

Though the College does not require all visitors to its campus to be practicing Christians, it does expect each to nonetheless respect and be sensitive to the Christian faith of the College’s staff, faculty, students, parents, and donors. Furthermore, the College holds its reputation in high regard and desires to project an image which is professional, virtuous, and excellent.

Foul language shall not be tolerated. Communication between all parties should be polite, civil, and constructive. Patrons should show due respect to College faculty, staff, students, and guests. Patrons must dress and conduct themselves in a manner that does not make any other persons uncomfortable by the patron’s presence.

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No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be brought, seen, or used on campus. Patrons may not be on the College campus under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any and all tobacco use as permitted under law shall only be permitted inside the confines of a patron-owned or operated vehicle that is properly parked on campus with all waste kept therein. Pornography may not be brought onto campus nor accessed by any electronic device while on campus. Harassment of any person on campus by any patron will not be tolerated. Patrons may not bring any weapons, ammunition, or explosives onto campus. Patrons are personally responsible for any and all damage done to the College’s property or any other part of the College by the patron’s acts of omission, commission, or negligence.

Patrons must promptly and politely comply with the directives of any authorized College representative. The College reserves the right, in its sole judgment, and at any time, to demand that a patron immediately depart campus for violation of any of these standards of conduct. Patrons who refuse to so depart will then be considered to be trespassing, and may be forcibly removed by law enforcement personnel.

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