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While a majority of scholarships available at Patrick Henry College are merit-based, we do offer scholarships based on available family financial resources. Read below to find out how to apply and view more details about the scholarship.

A student may qualify for more than one scholarship from among Academic, Merit, Endowed, and Family Assistance. Qualification is not a guarantee that multiple scholarships will be awarded. The number and amount of awards is based on available funding each year. The College seeks to steward the resources made available each year to assist as many students as possible.

Fall 2024 Family Assistance Scholarship
(Reserved for those with minimal Academic & Merit scholarships)

Annual Award:  Amount varies

Description:  This scholarship exists for students and families with demonstrated limited financial resources and/or special circumstances. 

Requirements:  To apply for the scholarship, families must complete the confidential Family Financial Profile (FFP). All students receiving a Family Assistance Scholarship will be required to secure student employment with PHC for their first two semesters on campus. Job listings will be available on the student portal at the beginning of each semester. Each student will be required to work a minimum of 4 hours per week for 10 weeks for a total of 40 hours a semester. The position will be a paid position with wages payable directly to the student.

Renewal Requirements:  Demonstration of continued limited financial resources through the annual submission of the FFP, and completion of work requirement for the first two semesters on campus

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