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Private scholarships from other sources are key to funding your college education. Students and their families are strongly encouraged to research other opportunities for funding their college education. While there is no quick and easy way to locate outside private scholarships or grants, diligent searching often yields significant results. It takes time, energy, and persistence. Your local Chamber of Commerce, guidance office in your local public high school or private high school, local library, and local newspaper are some places to search for assistance.

You may read that many scholarships go unclaimed each year. Although true, the reason is often that the scholarship has such narrow restrictions or requirements for which few applicants qualify. Searching in your own community often turns out to be more successful.

Patrick Henry College Scholarships

Success comes with prayer and diligently researching each source with attention to details, requirements, and deadlines. Some scholarships are based solely on merit or special achievement. Some are based on financial need. Don't automatically assume your family will not qualify financially. As the cost of attending college increases each year, students from many family financial profiles are finding that they may demonstrate financial need. When doing your research, take notes and/or make copies of scholarship data or announcements. Keeping a financial aid journal can help you manage your research. Obtain all the pertinent information and requirements. Print or type applications and complete them thoroughly. Meet deadlines. Pay careful attention to content, grammar, and spelling. Incomplete applications are often discarded in favor of well-done and complete applications. Take the time to represent yourself well.

The United States Department of Education has granted Patrick Henry College approval to participate in DOE programs. Its listing in the DOE's Directory of Postsecondary Institutions (OPE ID # 039513-00) qualifies interested students to participate in a number of private opportunities for financing their education at Patrick Henry College. This includes state 529 college savings plans, scholarships, grants, and private student loans. For further information, please refer to the IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education. But remember, governmental funds of any type may not be used at PHC. This includes federally funded Title IV programs, state funds, ROTC Scholarships, and the G.I. Bill.


The Scholarship Search

The above resources are provided to assist you in your search for financial aid outside of Patrick Henry College. Please note: It is important that students use discernment when searching for scholarship funds. The College is governed by its Board of Trustees according to its Fundamental Statements and will not accept any funding, private or governmental, which includes terms that supersede the Board’s authority or conflict with these Fundamental Statements.

The Internet is one of the best places to find scholarship sources. Keep in mind that a number of the websites are businesses. You should not pay anyone to do financial aid searches for you. There are many free ways to find scholarships and grants on your own. Most of the search services allow students to enter profile information on their interests or talents, and the site will search for scholarships that might be possible for the student. When you use search engines, use such terms as "scholarships," "education," "financial aid," etc.

Do check all kinds of sources, such as parent's employers, clubs, associations or organizations where you have affiliation, national organizations which sponsor oratorical, speech, and debate competitions (e.g., American Legion), religious organizations, home school support groups, and local community service organizations (e.g., the Kiwanis Club or Lions Club). Also check directories of charitable foundations which may provide scholarships in your region. Your local church is another excellent place to search. Some church denominations offer financial aid resources for students from affiliated churches.

Please note: It is important that students use discernment when searching for scholarship funds. Patrick Henry College is not able to guarantee that all sources are reputable. Some scholarship programs appear to be privately funded but are backed by government funds. Please watch for this as PHC does not accept government funds of any kind.


Scholarships Previously Awarded to PHC Students 

Patrick Henry College students have been awarded scholarships from the following organizations. Some of these are national scholarships, while others are specific to a local community. Patrick Henry College is not affiliated with, nor does The College necessarily endorse, any of these scholarship funds. This list is not exhaustive, and we encourage student to apply to scholarships on this list and beyond.


The American Legion  |  Optimist International  |  BankWest  |  William Vatavuk Scholarship

CardsDirect  |  Chick fil A  |  Chickasaw Nation Education Services

The Community Foundation  |  Equitable Excellence Scholarship  |  Force Reconnaissance Association

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education  |  Home Education Recognition Organization  |  Elks

Kantner Foundation  |  Kiwanis Club  |  CLT10  Folds of Honor

Lions Student Speakers Contest  |  Loudoun First Responders Foundation  |  Miss America  |  National Military Intelligence Foundation

Lumbee River  |  NRA  |  NCHE  |  Northern Plains Sustainable Ag  |  Rio Grande Electric Cooperative  |  Rolette Dollars for Scholars

Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation  |  Rush Shelby Energy  |  National Bible Bee  |  Silent Warrior Foundation  |  SSVEC  |  THSC

The Christian Connector  |  The Horace Smith Fund  |  Thomas Munson Foundation  |  UTUIA  |  4H

VFW Voice of Democracy  |  National Merit Scholarship Program

Sons of the American Revolution  |  Coolidge Scholars  |  Washington Crossing Foundation  |  Distinguished Young Women

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