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J. S. Bach Scholarship Information


The J.S. Bach Musical Leadership Scholarship, a merit-based award of up to $2,500 per year, was established to enable and encourage the development of musical leaders on the PHC campus, leaders who are committed to artistic excellence through a lifetime of service.  Music plays an integral role in shaping the hearts and minds of people, and we believe it vital to equip and challenge those who will strive to maintain excellence, leadership, and humility in their musical service. J.S. Bach, a Baroque master who spent a lifetime in service to the church, exemplifies the leadership qualities we hope to encourage -- a hard-working, adaptable, masterful musician, he sought to give all glory “to God alone.”


The scholarship is available to qualified students of any major who have demonstrated prior musical service and the intent to continue that service on the PHC campus. All candidates must complete the J.S. Bach Music Leadership Scholarship Application, submit a portfolio with the requested supporting documentation, and prepare for the required audition described in the application. The portfolio materials may be delivered to the Music Coordinator at the time of the audition or may be mailed prior to the audition.

Please also fill out the Request for Audition. Upon receipt of the Request for Audition, the Office of Admissions and the Music Department will work together to arrange your visit. If you are unable to audition on campus, please indicate as such on the application and send in all audition materials and a video-recorded audition by the required due date.


All students applying for the J.S. Bach Scholarship must audition. This audition will inform us about your potential as a musical leader on our campus and allow us to assign you the largest music scholarship for which you are qualified.  Avenues for sponsored participation include singing in or accompanying the PHC Chorale, playing in the Chamber Orchestra, accompanying the PHC Youth Music Academy's Choir, and serving on the Chapel Guild. We hope to recognize and use the musical talents of our students as fully as possible. 

Auditions will include:

  • Performance of two prepared pieces (contrasting styles are preferred)

  • Major and minor scales (for instrumentalists)

  • Pitch retention exercises (for vocalists)

  • Sight-reading  

Patrick Henry College Music Department

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