Why Journalism & Digital Media?

Our society needs Christians in digital media, government, markets, and ministry who can help people see the world clearly and thereby live rightly. That's why our Bachelor or Arts in Journalism & Digital Media trains young Christians to understand our culture and then serve our society in a deeper biblical way: by telling true stories of a fallen world infused with grace. PHC provides the solution...

What Are Alumni Doing?

Hear our alumni share how they are using the skills they learned and developed through our Journalism & Digital Media program.


Kyle Ziemnick

A member of the class of 2020, Kyle studied Journalism, was an All-American mock trial competitor, and a former #1 ranked collegiate moot court competitor. He was a Program Officer for the Intercollegiate Studies Institute and now attends the University of Virginia School of Law.

Kendra Olson

Kendra graduated in 2017 with a degree in Political Journalism. She joined Fox News @ Night with Shannon Bream as a production assistant and in 2019 was promoted to associate producer at Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. She continues to work as a freelance producer.

The Paths

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The Journalism program is designed with five career paths in mind. With an unparalleled foundation, students are prepared to serve and lead in the field best suited to their God-given talents and abilities. The Journalism program at Patrick Henry College will make sure graduates are ready for future success and impact wherever the journey leads.



1. Journalism

The calling of a Christian journalist is to tell captivating stories that integrate professional standards with a biblical worldview and a deep grasp of human nature.  Our Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Digital Media trains young Christians to understand our culture and then serve our society telling true stories of a fallen world infused with grace.

Public Communication1

2. Public Relations & Communications

For those called to enter the public square, the Journalism & Digital Media Major prepares students to craft truthful and persuasive messages at the highest levels as press secretaries, speech writers, and more.


3. Advocacy & Ministry

To change the world, you have to make the case. That's why PHC graduates are ready to make a difference, whether drawing attention to persecuted Christians or explaining public policy.


Business Media

4. Analysis & Business

The major's emphasis on seeing and thinking clearly is excellent preparation to engage the world of ideas through careers in scholarship, consulting, law, marketing, and policy analysis. Because ideas have consequences.


5. Graphic Design & Multi-Media

Building on their PHC education and internships, alumni have gone on to create powerful digital content in graphic design, photography, film, broadcast news, and website design, among others.

Journalism Scholarship - Kuyper/More

Patrick Henry College works extensively to control costs, deliver great value to our families, and provide a premier education to our students. We invite you to explore merit scholarships at PHC


The Kuyper/More Scholarship Details


Annual Award:  $500 to $2,000

Description:  Awarded to students who intend to major or minor in Journalism. 

Requirements: Please submit a 500 word personally-written essay about Abraham Kuyper or Hannah More and how their lives were a testament to the glory of God. The top four essays chosen by the Scholarship Review Committee will be awarded this scholarship. Students must be committed to a Journalism major or minor throughout their time at PHC. This scholarship application is not available for currently enrolled degree-seeking students at Patrick Henry College. 

Renewal Requirements: Students must remain in the Journalism & Digital Media program throughout their time at PHC and maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Click here to apply for the Kuyper/More Journalism Scholarship  

Learn more: Kuyper/More Journalism Scholarship

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Journalism Multi-Media Teen Camp

Join us for Journalism Multi-Media Camp at Patrick Henry College! Multi-Media camp functions as a unique environment for Christian teens to interact with the idea of "How should media look from a Christian perspective?" Through experiencing life as a reporter in a digital world, Multi-Media Camp attendees will learn the fundamental skills of journalism, how to conduct interviews, how to record and edit video and audio files, and how to tell stories. Most importantly, Multi-Media Camp attempts to help students develop a framework for thinking biblically about the news and asking hard questions.

Explore Multi-Media Camp