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Meet Colin.


Colin Cutler, dubbed Patrick Henry College’s “warrior-poet” for being the only Literature major in Army ROTC, graduated in 2011 with a degree in Literature. He recently published his first book, The Ward of Heaven and The Wyrm in the Sea, which Dr. Gene E. Veith describes as, "The flavor of the ancient sagas and the poetry of the Norse bards." Visit the book's website or read a review in WORLD online.


Check out these essays written by Dr. Steven Hake, Director of Literature Program:

Why Study Literature? 
  • Unsure of what qualifies as "literature", or unconvinced of its worth? Check out this essay.
Will My Family Starve If I Major in Literature?
  • Do you think literature is great, but it doesn't lead to a "real job"? Dr. Hake thinks otherwise.
My Hope For You at Patrick Henry College
  • Dr. Hake expresses his vision for passionate and independent learners.
A Burning Flame
  • Dr. Hake offers practical suggestions on how to become a life-long learner.

Still in High School?

Check out PHC's Writing Mentorship Program!


Students majoring in Literature study the great works of European and American literature. They take two semesters of English literature and one semester of American literature, as well as a course in Literary Theory and Criticism. Literature majors study a classical language and take advanced courses in history, philosophy and theology. As part of major electives, they must take classes in either fiction or non-fiction writing, study two distinct genres in more depth, and focus on one major author. Additionally, they expand on areas of interest by developing Directed Research & Writing projects in literary studies or creative writing, or participate in literature or writing related internships such as student teaching, tutoring, or editing.



Three alumni share on why they chose the literature major at PHC:

Crista Richey | Colin Cutler | Erik Landstrom 


Click here for a list of courses and the Recommended Course Sequence for the Literature major.

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Eden Troupe

Literature majors have a close relationship with the campus drama team, Eden Troupe. In the past, Eden Troupe has provided literature majors opportunities such as producing an original play or original script, as well as providing many opportunities to adapt the literature learned in the classroom to the stage.

Eden Troupe is the longest-running student club. It was started in 2001 and has put on more than 23 different plays.

Guest Speakers

Students often get the opportunity to hear from modern authors. Recent speakers include Chinese activist, writer and poet Liao Yiwu, Nate Wilson, author of the popular Notes From The Tilt-A-Whirl: Wide-Eyed Wonder in God's Spoken World, Ann Voskamp, author of the bestselling book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are, Michael Flaherty, founder of Walden Media, and Bill Bennett, host of "Bill Bennett's Morning in America" and author of the popular Book of Virtues, Children’s Book of Virtues, and most recently, The Book of Man. Other authors include Patrick Henry biographer Thomas Kidd, Charles Murray, and Richard Platt, author of As One Devil to Another.

Chinese activist, writer and poet Liao Yiwu read excerpts from his book God is Red in the original mandarin

School Publications

Patrick Henry College has a variety of outlets for literary endeavors. Vessel is a student-run print and online publication featuring original poetry, fiction, critiques and artwork. The Herald, a student-news publication, offers an outlet for news stories, opinions, and other non-fiction writing.

Call to Pens is a literary contest open to highschool students. The program is supervised by PHC students. Check out the official blog.

Trips Abroad

In the past, faculty members have led literary tours of Great Britain. Students visited sights such as the London locales of Samuel Johnson, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, and John Donne; George Herbert's Salisbury and nearby scenes like Stonehenge; Jane Austen's Bath; The Lake District (home to William Wordsworth, Samuel Coleridge, and Beatrix Potter); C.S. Lewis's Oxford, and more.

Dr. Libby took students on a trip to explore the haunts of Great Britain's literary genius. Read about the 2008 trip.

Streaming Media Network

Founded in 2005 to produce and distribute student productions, Streaming Media Network has grown over the years to produce web series and movie shorts.  SMN provides members with experience in directing, producing, screenwriting, cinematography, makeup, lighting and acting. Student members have produced and directed several web series, short films, and sponsered student film exposes.  Produced genres include music videos, love stories, documentaries, dramas, and mockumentaries.

Daniel Noa ('07) founded Streaming Media Network in 2005. Read about his video short, Scorpion 5, or his film, Smuggler's Ransom.

Local Cultural Events

Northern Virginia and the D.C. area offers PHC Literature majors many opportunies to interact with both literature and with our culture. With everything from festivals to plays, there are many unique opportunities for PHC students to interact with literature.


Local coffeeshops provide students the opportunity to experience the local community.

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Steve R. Hake, Ph.D.
Chairman, Department of Classical Liberal Arts
Professor of Literature


Cory Grewell, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Literature


Gene Edward Veith, Ph.D.
Professor of Literature

Mark D. Filiatreau, M.A.
Adjunct Professor of Literature




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January 10, 2012
Alumnus Novelizes Come What May
PHC alum Peter Forbes recently self-published his first book, the novelization of Christian independent film Come What May. As with the movie, the book tells the story of "a college student who must choose whether or not he will stand for his convictions, even if this means sacrificing his own desires." | 
Read more.


Jennifer Schlaudt ('07) - Written August 2011
Jennifer Schlaudt (Literature, '07) begins the day the same way she ends it: by checking her email. Email is her lifeline to the 39 students around the United States whom she taught from her home in Texas. “I get to be a part of my family’s daily lives while instilling a Christian worldview in passionate young students all over the country and the world,” said Schlaudt. “And I’m doing it for Patrick Henry College!”
 | Read more.


June 07, 2010
Alumna Builds Second-Year Film Festival, June 11-12
 Next weekend will mark the second year of Alumna Sarah Pride's (’07) Moonlight Film Fest (MFF), an independent Christian film festival she organized to showcase “the creation of excellent films that communicate beauty, goodness, and truth.” | 
Read more.


Jordan Estrada ('08) - Written February 2009
Jordan Estrada (Literature, '08) reaches toward the ideal of the "warrior poet" as he helps defend the streets of Washington, D.C., with a citizens' volunteer organization known as the Alliance of Guardian Angels.
Read more.

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