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World War I

Welcome to the Research Guide for your course in World War I

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When beginning your research project on World War I, you will find the services of a librarian invaluable. The suggested electronic resources are available linked from here and from the Electronic Resources section of the library home page. Print resources are available in the PHC on campus collection or by mail to distance learning members of the PHC community. You may check out the location and availability of an item in the on campus collection through the online catalog, Voyager, accessed through the library home page.

Professional library assistance is available on campus, by phone at 541-441-8400, or by email at askalibrarian@phc.edu.

Reference Works

  • Milestone Documents in World History explores primary source documents that shaped the world. Ref D 5 .M55 2010.


  • JSTOR provides access to scholarly journal articles in a wide variety of disciplines, although acquisitions are subject to a moving inclusion date with the result that most articles are 3 - 5 years old or older.  This is usually not a problem in history research, but may be a problem if more current research is needed.
  • ProQuest and Academic Search Premier have extensive collections of current articles from scholarly journal articles and newspapers. These databases are easy to navigate and allow users to limit searches to provide focused results. The sites also suggests alternative subject terms to use if a broader or narrower search is required.
  • U S History in Video provides access to a number of videos in the World War I collection both from the war and as historically accurate recreations.

Internet Resources

  • Euro Docs connects to the largest expository of online primary source documents in European history.
  • Library of Congress Guide to WWI collections including audio recordings, photographs from major newspaper coverage, copies of the military newspaper published in France, Stars and Stripes, 1918-1919 and selected major U.S. newspaper coverage.
  • British Library WWI site connects to over 5,000 articles, overviews, and primary source documents.
  • Eye Witness to History WWI collection including diaries, photographs, and video
  • BBC collection includes major and little known aspects of WWI, including its lasting impact in current conflict zones, India’s participation, war time medicine, and many other interesting topics.
  • WWI Document Archive connects to online primary source documents, including personal diaries, interviews, treaties, and more.
  • The New York Times draws on its archives to inform WWI articles.
  • National Geographic WWI Photo Gallery
  • Fascinating interactive WWI Timeline from the National WWI Museum

WWI in Art


  • World War I, 1914-1918--United States
  • World War, 1914-1918--Social aspects--United States
  • United States--Politics and Government--1913-192

Research Tips

  • Search by subject: Once you have located one item in the catalog, you may click on the subject term within the record to find other items on the same or similar, subjects.
  • Once you locate an appropriate resource, potential valuable resources may be listed in the item's bibliography.
  • Interlibrary loan (ILL): If you are unable to locate an item in the PHC online or on-campus collection, you may request resources through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). If you need assistance in using WorldCat, our ILL database, please contact the library.
  • Zotero is a citation management system that will help you collect and organize your resources and then seamlessly create footnotes, endnotes, in-text citations, and bibliographies. You can download and watch online tutorials, but you may benefit from a librarian’s help in quickly learning how to use Zotero.

Citation assistance needed? Try OWL (Online Writing Lab).

Created: Dr. David Aikman/Walker, 2014. Reviewed: Aikman/Thornhill, 2015. Reviewed: Thornhill, 2016, 2017. 

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