Transfer of Credit

Detailed transfer of credit guidelines and criteria are provided below.

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The following three guidelines are used to determine the general acceptability of transfer credit: 

  1. The educational quality of the institution;

  2. The equivalency of the nature, content, and level of course;

  3. The direct appropriateness and applicability of the credits earned to the programs offered by Patrick Henry College.


The following specific criteria govern the transfer of credit:

  1. PHC GraduationAn official transcript from each institution attended must be submitted to the Office of Admissions prior to acceptance. Upon admission as a degree-seeking student, the Registrar will evaluate the transcript(s) submitted and issue a transfer credit evaluation to the prospective student. Transfer credits are applied to the student's transcript upon enrollment.

  2. Transfer students who are enrolled in courses during or after their acceptance must submit their transcript within 30 days of enrollment at PHC or the end of the course (whichever is later). Once enrolled, transfer credit may not be awarded unless transient student status is approved. See "Transient Student Status" in the College Catalog for complete information.

  3. The Registrar evaluates credit for transfer from institutions accredited by agencies recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. PHC may choose to accept transfer credits from institutions that, as a matter of principle, have not sought accreditation, if their graduates have a high acceptance rate in graduate schools and law schools and if their courses are taught by faculty with terminal degrees. In some cases, these credits may be conditionally accepted for transfer based upon earning a 2.0 cumulative PHC GPA at the completion of the first semester (or 12 credits).

  4. Patrick Henry College Transfer CreditPHC may accept up to 50 transfer credits through transfer and Advanced Placement, of which up to 9 credits may be major courses and 19 credits may be core curriculum courses. Transferred courses that do not apply to core courses or major courses are transferred as open electives.

  5. The Registrar serves as the final authority in evaluating credit for transfer. In special instances, students may submit supplemental course material (syllabi, catalog descriptions, etc.) to the Registrar to be reviewed. Supplemental information must be received prior to the beginning of the following semester. Upon evaluating this information, additional credit may be awarded.

  6. Vocational, technical, developmental, remedial, and military courses or courses graded on a pass/fail scale are generally not eligible for transfer. Credits awarded on the basis of institutional or competency exams are not eligible for transfer. No credit will be awarded on the basis of life experience. No credit will be awarded for CLEP (College Level Examination Program).

  7. Only courses with grades of "C-" and above will be considered. Grades and Grade Point Averages do not transfer.

  8. Credits transferred from institutions on the quarter system will transfer on the following scale: 5 and 4 quarter hours = 3 semester hours; 3 quarter hours = 2 semester hours; 2 and 1 quarter hour = 1 semester hour.

Credit from Advanced Placement & Other Sources

To assist students in achieving their academics goals, Patrick Henry College awards credit based on the results of the College Board's Advanced Placement® (AP®) exams.  Students may earn a maximum of 30 credits in AP Exams. 

Patrick Henry College awards credit for AP®exams as indicated on the Advanced Placement Equivalency Table

Credits may be awarded for scores of 3, 4, or 5.  Students should request that their official results be sent to the Office of Admissions prior to enrollment.  PHC's school code for the AP® exams is 2804. 

Credits from the Program on Non-Collegiate Sponsored Instruction (PONSI), Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), and International Baccalaureate (IB) are evaluated on a case by case basis.


Transient Student Status

Any degree-seeking student currently enrolled in PHC and in good standing who plans to study elsewhere during any semester or summer with the intention of applying this credit toward degree requirements at PHC must complete the Request for Transient Student Status form, obtain the signature of his or her faculty advisor, and return the form to the Office of the Registrar who will confirm course equivalency and acceptability. The level of scrutiny applied to transient courses is equivalent to that of transferred courses. Transient status is generally not granted for students requesting to enroll in courses offered regularly at PHC or to fulfill degree requirements that can be fulfilled through classes at PHC. Permission must be granted prior to enrolling in these courses. Students who incorrectly follow the transient student procedures may forfeit credit for this work.


Taking a PHC Language Proficiency Exam

Eligibility to take a PHC language proficiency exam is subject to the agreement of the Professor and the Registrar. The Petition to take a Language Proficiency Test is available on the PHC forms page of the web site. If granted, the student is responsible for identifying an acceptable proctor for this exam and the proficiency test fee is added to the student's account regardless of the outcome of the exam. If this exam is passed, no credit is awarded; instead, proficiency will be determined allowing for advanced placement in the subject area or satisfaction of the foreign language degree requirement.

Visit the Office of the Registrar for more information.

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