Information Technology FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send in a ticket to the Help Desk? 

Simply send an email to HelpDesk@phc.edu, or call (540)-441-8920 and leave a voicemail after hours. 

Where is the Help Desk Located? 

The basement of the BHC, halfway down the same hallway as the mailroom.  

What are the Help Desk Hours? 

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m.-5:30 p.m. 

Is there a guest network? 

Yes. PHC - Guest has limited network access for anyone across campus. 

Are Chromebooks supported? 

Yes. Chromebooks are supported on our network.  

Are Kindles supported? 

Sometimes. Kindles, iPads, and other tablets are supported if they are capable of installing third-party apps such as from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Can I bring my own router? 

No. Bringing a router will interfere with the WiFi and cause outages for the other network users. 

Can I bring my own printer? 

Yes, but it is not recommended. PHC provides printers in each dorm and academic building at a rate of 10 cents per black page and 20 cents for color. Personal printers frequently interfere with the WiFi network if they are not configured properly. If you do bring your own printer, it must have both the wireless connection and "WiFi Direct" setting disabled.

Can I bring a desktop? 

Yes. You will have to request network access for it through the Help Desk, as the ports in the dorms are turned off by default. 

Can I bring a gaming console? 

Yes. If you wish to connect your console to the campus network, you must use a wired connection in your dorm room, register your console on the Student Portal, and provide the Help Desk with your console's wired MAC address.

Can I bring wireless speakers? 

Yes.  Wireless speakers are allowed, but only if they use Bluetooth. Other wireless speakers (Sonos brand, etc) will cause interference with the wireless network and are prohibited.

Can I use Bluetooth on campus? 

Yes. Bluetooth is allowed on campus. 

What happens if my computer breaks while I am on campus? 

Bring your computer to the Help Desk down in the basement of the BHC, and we'll do our best to diagnose the problem and provide a solution. If you have a Student Bundle laptop, we can help get your computer functioning again regardless of the issue. If you brought your own, we are limited in what we can do to fix the problem, but are more than happy to point you in the right direction if we cannot fix it ourselves. 

Do I need to buy an anti-virus program? 

No. PHC does not provide antivirus software, but several of the antivirus programs approved for the campus network are free. See the list here.

Do you back up my data? 

No. You will want to come prepared with a way to back up your own data in case of catastrophic computer failure. 

Can I buy computer equipment at/from PHC? 

No. While the tech department will occasionally sell items it is no longer using, there is no place to reliably buy computer peripherals. You will need to plan on going to a nearby store or ordering online. 

Do you have web filtering on campus? 

Yes. We currently have web filtering for both content concerns and security threats. 

What is FortiNAC? 

FortiNAC is the network access control system for the campus. All computers are required to be kept up to date with the latest operating system and anti-virus updates in order to be allowed on the network. Each computer coming onto campus must be registered to the owner and pass a scan to ensure the computer meets the requirements.

What if I have a problem after hours? 

In most cases, please submit a Help Desk ticket as normal, and it will be addressed during the next work shift. If there is a major outage on campus, please leave a voicemail, as voicemails are monitored by staff.

How do I get to the Student Portal? 

Please use the link on the upper left side of the page, or navigate directly to https://campus.phc.edu/studentportal/login.asp  

How do I access my email? 

You can access your email either by using the "Email" link in the Student Portal, or by going directly to https://outlook.office.com  

Is there an education discount on software? 

Yes, there is an education discount available to students. Please see the Student Portal for more information, as well as a list of what software is currently discounted for PHC students.

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