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Student Government | Senate


PHC's fifteen-member Student Senate is elected annually in the Fall semester. Its committee structure functions similarly to actual committees in the United States Congress.

The Student Senate has addressed an array of issues, including the Honor Code, Dress Code, curfew, the academic drop/add period, and Student Government organization. It grants official status to student organizations.

The Student Senate is recognized by the Board of Trustees as an official policy-forming body under the school’s College Governance Protocol.

Speaker of the Senate: Daniel Mainieri III
Secretary of the Senate: Eden Mackie


2021-2022 Student Body Senate  

Riley Anderson
Everett Chew 1
TJ Conger
Hunter Dalke

Anderson, Riley

Chew, Everett

Conger, Thomas

Dalke, Hunter

Darius Franklin
Marcus Kidder
Julianne Kidd

Elliot, James

Franklin, Darius

Kidder, Marcus

Kidd, Julianne

Seth Nowak
Audrey Richards
Jack Singer

Mainieri, Dan III

Nowak, Seth

Richards, Audrey

Singer, Jack

David Sorbee
Suton head shot
Micah Torcellini

Sosebee, David

Sutton, Katharine

Torcellini, Micah

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