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Orientation 2020

Patrick Henry College welcomes its newest freshman class with addresses from President Jack W. Haye, and Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Mark T. Mitchell

A New Beginning, A Few Blank Pages, and a Time for Growth

Students checking in at orientation Families from across America and two foreign countries arrived and delivered the incoming class of 2024. Orientation 2020 was a momentous occasion which included banquet speeches from President Jack W. Haye and Dean Mark T. Mitchell.

President Haye reminds parents and students alike that the end of one chapter marks the beginning of another. In welcoming the freshmen class, Haye affirms that Patrick Henry College's promise to nurture and equip, dedicate, and prepare their students.

Dr. Mark T. Mitchell addresses incoming students, reminding the class of 2024 of the country's need for excellent thinkers and dedicated Christian leaders. As they embark on their first year in college, Mitchell tells them that it is time to embrace a new chapter and a new challenge at Patrick Henry College.




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