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Student ID Photo Upload

Please upload your photo for your Student ID.

When choosing your photo, make sure that...

  • You're the only one in the photo.
  • Your photo is high-quality and clear.
  • You're not wearing a hat or head covering.
  • You’re easy to recognize.
  • There’s a head-and-shoulders view, with the entire face, both eyes, and hair clearly visible.
  • You’re in focus.
  • There are no dark spots or shadows.
  • You look sharp! This will be your ID photo for the rest of your time at PHC.
  • Your photo is portrait orientation.
  • Your photo is in jpg format.
  • Your photo is named "your student ID".jpg (example: 123450.jpg)

Bad photo examples:

id-example-face-covered  id-example-too-far  id-example-not-person  id-example-too-light  id-example-two-people  id-example-head-cut-off  id-example-too-dark

                         Face Covered           Too Far                 Not You!              Too Light       Multiple People      Too Close              Too Dark

Good Photo examples:

2-1  6-Jul-08-2020-07-02-30-26-PM  1-Jul-08-2020-07-02-30-08-PM  3-Jul-08-2020-07-02-29-80-PM  4-Jul-08-2020-07-02-29-52-PM  5-Jul-08-2020-07-02-29-42-PM  Sample Photos (1)


Note: If you would like to re-upload your picture, please refresh the page prior to pressing "Submit"

Student ID Photo Form