Programs for High School Students Interested in PHC

Interested in attending Patrick Henry College? Check out these high school programs that will help you prepare for college academically and spiritually. Enjoy high-quality education, develop strong friendships with fellow believers, discuss ideas with like-minded individuals, or get involved in your community  all while having fun!

Teen Camps Week 1-34PHC Teen Leadership Camps

Teen Leadership Camps provide an exciting context for students aged 14-18 to explore an academic discipline and learn to apply a biblical worldview to current issues.

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HS_Resource_Guide_2016_cover.pngGuide for High School Students

Tips and information to help your transition from high school to college. 

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Hannah_Cudal_ComputerPHC Distance Learning

While still in High School, complete your freshman year of a classical Christian liberal arts education. There is no shortage of institutions offering online classes, but Distance Learning classes at Patrick Henry College are grounded in the Word of God and the classical liberal arts. You can study history at a place that combines a commitment to the Scriptures with academic excellence—and with classmates who share your convictions. Learn More




tyler_framedHSLDA Online Academy

The Academy’s courses are for homeschool or private school students looking to supplement their education with high-quality Christian courses. Each course combines the flexibility of independent study with the best of classroom learning.

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Michael_Farris_2016_Faculty_Picture-482784-editedConstitutional Law with Michael Farris

Taking Constitutional Law online with Dr. Mike Farris will broaden your appreciation for the United States Constitution by examining our nation’s founding documents, key Supreme Court cases, and Founding Fathers' original intent.

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Check Out More Great Programs for High School Students!

While some of these programs are not affiliated with PHC, many of our students participated in them during high school and found that they offered good preparation for college.

The HSLDA Online Academy offers Advanced Placement® high school courses, equivalent in scope and difficulty to first-year college courses. These AP® courses prepare students to achieve high scores on AP® exams. Every tuition dollar you spend will be matched with a PHC tuition scholarship.

Generation Joshua

TeenPact Leadership Schools

Stoa Christian Home School Speech and Debate

National Christian Forensics Association (NCFCA) Speech and Debate

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