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Welcome to the Research Guide for your course in Government

Library Home

Many of the resources needed to complete your assignments for this course are included in the required readings. For additional research, the listed resources are recommended. Suggested electronic resources are available linked from here and from the Electronic Resources section of the library home page. Print resources are available in the PHC on-campus collection or by mail to distance learning members of the PHC community. You may check the location and the availability of an item in our collection through the online catalog, accessible from the library home page.
Professional library assistance is available on campus, by phone at 541-441-8400, or by email at askalibrarian@phc.edu.

Reference Works

Internet Resources



Search the catalog using an Advanced Search for the any of the following strings as a "subject":

Christianity and politics
Constitutional law--U.S.
Democracy--United States
Executive departments--U.S.
Executive Power--U.S.
International relations

Judicial process--U.S.
National characteristics, American Political participation--U.S.
Political Science
Public administration--U.S.
United Nations
United States--civilization
U.S.--politics and government
U.S. Supreme Court

Selected Journals

Locate online access to these journals through the library's Periodical Listing.

  • Almanac of American Politics (Online 7/5/1992-Present)

  • Congress & the Presidency (Online 4/1/1997-Present)

  • Congressional Digest (Print 10/2000 and Online 1998-Present)

  • CQ Researcher (Print 2000-Present and Online 1923-Present)

  • CQ Weekly (Print and Online 4/18/1998-Present)

  • Government Leader (Online 3/5/2005-Present)

  • Hill (Online 1995-Present)

  • Presidential Studies Quarterly (Online 1/1/1994-Present)

  • Public Management (Online 1/1/1994-Present)

  • Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States (Online 3/24/1979)

  • U.S. News and World Report (Print 9/3/2001-Present and Online 1/6/1975-Present)

  • Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents (Online 1/6/1992-Present) 

Research Tips

Citation help needed? Try OWL (Online Writing Lab) for Chicago/Turabian, MLA, and APA styling formats. Help in citing legal cases? Try Georgetown Law's Legal "Blue Book."

Search by subject: Once you have located one item in the catalog, you may click on the search term within the record to find other items on the same or similar, subjects.  Once you have located a helpful source, additional potential sources may be found in the item's bibliography.

Interlibrary loan (ILL): If you are unable to locate an item in the PHC collection, you may request resources through Interlibrary loan. ILL requests may be made directly in the library catalog.

Created: Thornhill, 2011. Reviewed: Thornhill, 2012, 2014, 2016. Updated: Thornhill, 2017, 2019.

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