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The Patrick Henry College Alumni Association is a growing group of professionals, parents, and academics who attended PHC. The Alumni Board, consisting of 15 individuals who serve two-year terms on a staggered basis, exists to serve the membership of the Association and to maintain and strengthen our bond as we continue to seek to make a difference in this world.


To advance the community of alumni and engage with and encourage Patrick Henry College and its students.



The Patrick Henry College Alumni Association seeks to:

  • Cultivate alumni ownership of the College’s mission and vision through facilitating opportunities to financially support the college, contribute to campus life, and to pray for the College,
  • Unite alumni by organizing networking opportunities,
  • Enrich student experience through mentorship programs and facilitating internships, and
  • Advance the College’s goals through recruitment and fundraising.

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2024 Board Members & Committee Assignments 

2024 Board Members

Colin Black ('13)

Mark Cianci ('07)

Erin Eskew née Pradia ('11)

Tucker Holmes ('16)

Jeremiah Lorrig ('07)

Thomas Siu ('18)

Kyle West ('14)

David Chinn ('15)

Mackenzi Ehrett née Siebert ('12)

Asriel Yousefi Greendyk ('10)

Jon Knight ('07)

Maggie McKneely ('17)

Daniel Thetford ('18)

Daniel Turner ('08)


2024 Officer Assignments

President:  Jon Knight ('07)
Vice President:  Ian Frith ('19)
Secretary:  Asriel Greendyk  ('11)
Treasurer:  Daniel Thetford ('18)


2024 Committee Assignments

Rules Committee 
J. Lorrig (Chair) | M. Cianci | M. Ehrett
I. Frith | T. Holmes | D. Thetford
J. Knight (ex officio) | A. Greendyk (ex officio)

Finance Committee
D. Thetford (chair) | D. Chinn  | A. Greendyk
J. Lorrig | T. Siu | K. West
J. Knight (ex officio) 

Events Committee 
A. Greendyk (Chair) | D. Chinn | E. Eskew
T. Holmes | M. McKneely | D. Thetford |
D. Turner
J. Knight (ex officio) 

Technology Committee
C. Black (chair) | D. Chinn | A. Greendyk
M. McKneely | T. Siu | D. Turner | K. West
J. Knight (ex officio) 

Alumni Relations Committee
K. West (chair) | M. Cianci | M. Ehrett
E. Eskew | C. Black | M. McKneely | D. Thetford |
D. Turner
J. Knight (ex officio) 

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