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PHC Alumni Association

PHC Alummni

The Patrick Henry College Alumni Association is a growing group of professionals, parents, and academics who attended PHC. The Alumni Board, consisting of 15 individuals who serve two-year terms on a staggered basis, exists to serve the membership of the Association and to maintain and strengthen our bond as we continue to seek to make a difference in this world.


To advance the community of alumni and engage with and encourage Patrick Henry College and its students.



The Patrick Henry College Alumni Association seeks to:

  • Cultivate alumni ownership of the College’s mission and vision through facilitating opportunities to financially support the college, contribute to campus life, and to pray for the College,
  • Unite alumni by organizing networking opportunities,
  • Enrich student experience through mentorship programs and facilitating internships, and
  • Advance the College’s goals through recruitment and fundraising.
PHCAA Charter
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