Colin Cutler, '11


"I grew up reading and writing and figured that a degree based on reading and writing was a good fit.  I therefore enrolled in PHC's Literature program, where I found myself under the searching gaze of such great works as Crime and Punishment and The Inferno and authors such as Flannery O'Connor and Graham Greene.  In them, I faced the fundamental questions of the human condition, and I also faced the question of what makes great art. Over my time at PHC, I began to work these questions out as I saw more great art (and more bad art). 


"As my professors guided me in class, as I learned and shared my learning in class, and as I worked with the campus writers on the literary journal, my vague vision of the future began to come into focus as I realized I wanted not only to read and write, but also to share what I was learning someday, as a professor of English. 


"As I work on getting into graduate school, I spend the meantime in teaching and tutoring at the high-school level, editing for an up-and-coming publication, serving with the Virginia National Guard, doing any manual labor that comes to hand, gardening and learning about the fruits of the earth, publicizing my newly-released book...and preparing to get married in a couple months!"