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Freedoms Foundation I,II

Welcome to the Research Guide for your government course in Freedom's Foundation I, II

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The suggested electronic resources are available linked from here and from the Electronic Resources section of the library home page. Print resources are available in the PHC on-campus collection or by mail to distance learning members of the PHC community. You may check on the location and availability of an item in the on-campus collection through the online catalog, Voyager, accessed here and through the menu to the left.
Many of the resources needed for this course are provided within the course materials and on reserve at the library's circulation desk. Professional library assistance is available on campus, by phone at 540-441-8400, or by email at askalibrarian@phc.edu.

Reference Works

  • American political dictionary, by Jack C. Plano, is available in the PHC collection at JK 9 .P55 1997.
  • American republic: primary sources, with Bruce Frohnen, editor, is available in the PHC collection at E 173 .A 7535 2002.
  • Classics of modern political theory: Machiavelli to Mill, by Stven M. Cahn, is available in the PHC collection at JA 83 .C535 1997.
  • Democracy in America by Alexis de Tocqueville is available in the PHC collection at Ref AC 1 .G72 1990 vol. 44.
  • Encyclopedia of American government, with Joseph M. Bessette as consulting editor, is available in the PHC collection at Ref JK 9 .E52 1998.
  • Federalist Papers is available in the PHC collection at KF 4515 .F4 1999.
  • History of political thought: a thematic introduction, by John Morrow, is available in the PHC collection at JA 81 .M757 1998.
  • Roots of American Order, by Russell Kirk, is available in the PHC collection at JA 81 .K55 2003.
  • Mayflower Compact, The Prince by Machiavelli and Republic by Plato are available in the on-campus collection or online in ebooks. 



Search the catalog using the following Library of Congress subject headings:

  • Aristotle
  • Constitutional law
  • Democracy--United States
  • Federal Government
  • Federalist
  • Law--History
  • Plato
  • Political Science--History
  • Representative government and representation
  • United States--History

Selected Journals

Research Tips

  • Search by subject: Once you have located one item in the catalog, you may click on the subject term within the record to find other items on the same or similar subjects.
  • Interlibrary loan (ILL): If you are unable to locate an item in the PHC online or on-campus collection, you may request resources through Interlibrary loan. ILL requests may be made directly into the library database WorldCat. If you have difficulty requesting an ILL in WorldCat, you may use the form on the website or request assistance from any of the library staff. Once you locate an appropriate resource, potential valuable resources may be listed in the item's bibliography.
  • Zotero is a citation management system that will help you collect and organize your resources and then seamlessly create footnotes, endnotes, in-text citations, and bibliographies. You can download and watch online tutorials, but you may benefit from a librarian’s help in quickly learning how to use Zotero.

Turabian is the approved citation format for this course . Information on proper Turabian citation is available online at several sites, such as OWL(Online Writing Lab).

Created: Thornhill, 2010. Reviewed: Dr. Mark Mitchell/Dr. Roberta Bayer/Thornhill, 2013, 2014, 2016.

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