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Patrick Henry College seeks to recreate the gold standard in American higher education with fearless, faithful learning. We train young leaders in the American and classical traditions with our core curriculum while centering all truth on the person and work of Jesus Christ. Hands-on apprenticeships cement classroom instruction in the areas of Government, Journalism, Literature, History, or Classical Liberal Arts.

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Want to join the PHC community? High school students and parents, visit our Admissions pages and get to know our team of admissions counselors.

Read more about PHC's Philosophy of Education, written by Provost Dr. Gene Edward Veith, or visit our growing Academics section.


Our student body enjoys a talented community of camaraderie and fun, as iron sharpens iron and young leaders grow. Explore PHC student life.
   Alumni travel in diverse directions, from producing national television news to attending Harvard Law School. Read alumni profiles.

If PHC's mission fascinates you as much as it does us, we welcome you to join us by contributing financially.


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