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Why Give To PHC?

The cost of building and operating a college far exceeds tuition revenue, which is why institutions rely so heavily on financial support from alumni, endowments, and taxpayers. However, Patrick Henry College, which began operations in 2000, does not have a large base of alumni or a substantial endowment.
Over time these sources will develop, but at present they are not able to provide a significant amount of revenue. In addition, we do not accept funding from government, or any other source that includes terms which supersede the authority of our Board of Trustees or conflict with our foundational statements.
PHC seeks to avoid debt, adding new facilities and programs only as funds are available. Because of this we rely heavily on the generous giving of God-inspired families across the country to meet our financial obligations.



Who are We?

Patrick Henry College is a community. We are students, lovers of learning, trainees in leadership. We are alumni: young parents, professionals, artists, and graduate students making our start in the world. We are leadership and faculty: award-winning scholars who give our lives and talents to train young people. We are administrative staff: dedicated employees who feed, beautify, and build this community. And we are donors: people who bless this vision and nourish it with their financial resources.

Become a part of our community today. Support the future of higher education.

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Mike Wright

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Peter Mahon

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