The Walter & Elizabeth Folkmer Memorial Scholarship

The Story

This scholarship fund was established by John, the son of Walter and Elizabeth Folkmer, in gratitude for the Grace of God and to memorialize the lives of Walter and Elizabeth Folkmer. 

Walt and Lizzie came through the Great Depression and married during World War II as they learned the daily discipline of hard work, struggle, deferred gratification, and the ability to dream. Their married lives were a demonstration of love and devotion for others, especially their children. Daily sacrifice was the routine of their lives, which built character into the lives of their children. There were difficult times of testing and serious health issues, but their devotion to faith in God and love for their family left an indelible mark on those who fondly remember them. 

In recognition of the hearts that feel their absence on earth, this scholarship is intended to provide the means for promising young students to carry on the work of advancing the kingdom of Christ in potential pre-business studies. It is hoped that future leaders for God and country will cross the stage at Patrick Henry College and proceed into the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in part because Walt and Lizzie loved, struggled, and sacrificed for others. 


General Details

It is the donor's intent that the scholarships shall be awarded according to the following preferred criteria:

1.  Current Patrick Henry College student 

2.  Studying Business and Entrepreneurship

3.  Demonstrates evidence of financial need

Award: $1,000 to $4,000


Questions? Contact the PHC Financial Aid Office. 

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