Textbook Price Matching

In order to better assist our students with obtaining the best value for the correct class materials, the PHC Bookstore will match our price with Amazon’s retail Price + Shipping so your total cost will be the same or less.  We will also match prices for trade titles.


  • The prices of most textbooks in the PHC Bookstore already match or beat Amazon’s total used prices (Price + Shipping).
  • Price matching is at the discretion of the Bookstore Manager.
  • The textbook must be in stock or prepaid through a special order at the PHC Bookstore.
  • Proof of Amazon’s pricing must be shown electronically at the time of purchase. The customer may use our PHC computer or his or her own device to show the pricing.  We may ask you to reload the page to verify.
  • The textbook must be offered by Amazon in the United States (i.e. amazon.com; notca, amazon.uk, etc.).
  • The textbook must be available for immediate shipment at time of verification, not on backorder or consignment.
  • The textbook must have the same ISBN, it must include the accompanying CDs, online access codes, student manuals, etc., and it must be in the same condition.
  • Book condition must be the same as in-store condition (no damage, new book pricing cannot be compared to used book pricing, no international or teachers editions, etc.).
  • All information must be current and verifiable at the time of purchase.
  • No refunds for price differences will be given after purchase.
  • At this time, the PHC Bookstore does not rent any books, including textbooks. Note, however, that PHC does purchase many textbooks from student during finals week of each semester.  Buying a used book from the PHC Bookstore and reselling to us often results in a lower overall expense for the student.


The following are excluded from the PHC Bookstore price matching except at the Bookstore Manager’s discretion.

  • Damaged books. We try our best to match or beat Amazon’s used prices, but we do not match prices for damaged books.  This means we do not match “Used - Acceptable” condition.  We match “Good,” “Very Good,” or “Like New” condition.  “Used – Acceptable” books are usually taped or otherwise repaired; are torn, bent, water-stained, warped, or soiled; have loose pages; or contain excessive marks or highlighting.  If you would like to purchase a damaged book, please purchase it from an online retailer.
  • Book prices from individual sellers (third parties) on sites such as eBay, Half.com, etc. The primary exception is that in most cases, we will match “Amazon Marketplace” sellers.
  • Rental book pricing.
  • Digital books (e.g. e-books, Kindle books, etc.).
  • Minimum quantity purchase books.
  • Misprinted or inaccurate prices.
  • Auction prices or those requiring memberships.
  • Bundle offers, instant rebates, coupons, mail-in offers, or offers that include financing. The exception is the case in which a bundle is specified for a given course.


Textbook Returns Policy: 

Textbooks may only be returned to the PHC Bookstore during the Add/Drop period with an Add/Drop slip.  You may not drop a class, and subsequently re-enroll in it, in order to return books.


In Addition to Price Matching:

The PHC Bookstore does not charge the 6% Loudoun County, Virginia, sales tax on textbooks purchased by our students for classes taught at PHC. 

By way of comparison, Amazon charges state sales tax on every book sold.  Currently in thirteen states (not Virginia) you can request a sales tax refund for each textbook purchased for a class by submitting verification paperwork as described in their Textbook Tax Exemptions and Tax Refunds policy.


Updated March 7, 2019