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Student Portal 

The Student Portal is where students register for classes, make payments to the school, find grades, obtain book lists, find relevant documents and forms, and learn more details on everything from IT to Housing. It is the first stop for students as soon as they are admitted, as email access and the billing ledger are both accessible through the portal. 

Accessing the Student Portal

Incoming students will be assigned a Student Portal username based on the first letters of their first and middle names, last name, and three numbers (e.g. jhdoe123). The Student Portal can be found by clicking the “Student Portal” link above. Click the "Forgot Password" link and use your username to reset your password. A link will be sent to the email address on file. 

There is a link to portal directions on the upper right side of the username and password box for you to reference as you log into the portal for the first time.

Free Copy of Microsoft Office 

All students are provided with a free copy of Microsoft Office for use during their time as a student at PHC, which can be downloaded from the home page of your Office 365 account. This includes the latest versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and more. The Help Desk is happy to provide assistance in downloading and installing these programs.

Cloud Storage 

As part of your O365 account, you have access to free cloud storage. Select "OneDrive" on the home screen of your O365 account. Microsoft products can be set to automatically save copies of your work to the cloud in case of catastrophic failure of your laptop. The Help Desk is happy to assist in setting this feature up if desired.

Student Email Account 

Each student receives a student email address (your Student Portal username followed by @students.phc.edu)  upon agreeing to come to PHC. This email address is yours as long as you are a student or alumni of PHC. Please note that upon graduation, the format of the address will be changed from @students.phc.edu to @alumni.phc.edu, but correspondence sent to either address will still be accessible from your inbox. 

Access your student email by going to outlook.office.com. If you need to reset the password for some reason, you must reset it from inside the Student Portal and NOT using the "forgot password" feature in O365.  

Email Groups 

For easy communication, PHC uses email groups; this allows students to communicate with each other more quickly and ensures that everyone is receiving the same email. Students can create these groups for clubs, campus organizations, sports teams and other similar student activities by sending a group creation request to helpdesk@phc.edu.


PHC has two different wireless networks, based on whether a device belongs to a student, staff, or faculty worker, or to a campus visitor.

  • PHC-Secure - PHC provides an encrypted wireless network for staff, students, and faculty which covers all campus buildings. You are required to register your device for use on this network. If you need help connecting or registering, refer to our IT Knowledge Base or bring your device to the Help Desk.
  • PHC-Guest - For all visitors, Patrick Henry provides an unsecured guest network which supports basic network traffic on a reduced bandwidth.  To connect, simply open up the WiFi section on your device and connect to "PHC Guest" and read and accept the terms and conditions. 

Wired Network Access  

Most dorm rooms contains wired network ports which are available to be patched on a limited first come, first served basis. Just send a request to helpdesk@phc.edu with the port number (labeled on the Ethernet wall plate), room number, and reason for the request. 

Every campus building contain a student accessible printer. Students use these printers by using their PaperCut account in the Student Portal. To use them, students prepay money into their PaperCut account, upload what they are trying to print to PaperCut, and then swipe their ID badge at any of the printers to have the documents print. Black and white costs 10¢/page and color 20¢/page. Specific guidelines on how to use PaperCut are found in the Student Portal. 

If you choose to bring your own printer, please either choose a model that does not have wireless printing capability, or else plan to turn that capability off for the duration of your time on campus. Printers with wireless capability enabled will interfere with the campus wireless network and cause major internet disruptions or outages for the entire dorm. 

Knowledge Base

The Office of Information Technology knowledge base includes a number of instructions and tutorials on how to use a variety of technology resources both on and off campus. Click here to access the knowledge base.

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