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The Office of Student Life facilitates student-run activities like Homecoming and intramural sports tournaments. It also provides distinct services such as  peer tutoring, counseling, and a professional health center. The two Resident Directors oversee the network of resident assistants, helping with every imaginable situation as it arises.

Health Center:


As of Fall 2014, the Office of Student Life provides health services in the health center, located in the Barbara Hodel Center basement. The center includes an inviting waiting area with a wall full of health brochures and a doctor’s office equipped with the basic amenities of a professional medical center. The center manages health records for students, assesses their symptoms, and provides free over-the-counter products. The office itself is equipped with a professional Welch Allyn diagnostic unit, sphygmometer, thermometer, PULSOX to check oxygenation, and other basic doctor’s equipment. Students, faculty, and staff can sign up for a time to see Health Services Director.

The Office of Student Life maintains a collection of counseling resources comprised of campus personnel as well as excellent referral sources. Christian adviser Tim Gosselin provides weekly office hours and is available by appointment on Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. For more information, click here.



Learning Lab:

Patrick Henry College offers drop-in tutoring services at the Learning Lab. Upperclassmen who have excelled in their studies are selected to serve as peer tutors to those who are struggling academically or those who simply have questions about their studies. Tutors can help you with time-management issues, with your writing, and with subject-specific questions. They can offer advice on study habits, suggest ways to improve your papers, and help you work through your assignments. These positions are paid by the school, and students receive tutoring services at no extra charge. The goal of the program, according to Dean of Student Life Sandra Corbitt, is to help students stay healthy in all ways during their time at the college.

Location: Library Study Center

Hours: 7-10p.m., Monday-Thursday

Spring 2016 Tutor Schedule & Subject Areas