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Statement of Ethical Values and Standards

All trustees, administrators, and staff of Patrick Henry College have the right, privilege, and responsibility to:

  • Demonstrate Christian living and obedience in personal growth, in the interactions of College life, and in dedication to Christian calling and service.
  • Seek an understanding and articulation of how the Word of God directs the search for truth; pursue excellence in the performance of their work; and show concern for those under their care and instruction.
  • Value the contributions of all members of the College community and support each other in their various tasks.
  • Be passionately committed to the mission, vision, and distinctives of Patrick Henry College.
  • Integrate a biblical worldview into all aspects of their professional lives.
  • Comply with policies and procedures established by the College.
  • Participate in endeavors for improvement of the spiritual, economic, social, and cultural life of the community, especially when they have an expertise which may make their contribution particularly valuable and when such a contribution can be made without interfering with their primary obligations at the College.