Registration Information


  • New and Former Degree-Seeking Students will receive a course registration form from the Office of Admissions upon acceptance for the upcoming semester. Once that form is submitted and all admission documentation is complete (as communicated by the Office of Admissions), the Office of the Registrar will enroll students in courses according to preferences listed on the form. Students should contact the Office of Admissions regarding submission deadlines. Students wishing to make changes to their first semester schedules may do so during the Drop/Add Period. Academic Advisors are assigned to new students and will be available during the Drop/Add Period to consult with students wishing to make changes to their schedules.

  • Continuing Degree-Seeking Students will receive the Registration Bulletin (including the 4-Year Master Schedule) approximately two weeks prior to the Preregistration Period. Students are required to review their registration plans with their Academic Advisor to be cleared for preregistration. Dates and deadlines for preregistration are provided in the Academic Calendar. Continuing students who fail to pre-register by the close of the Preregistration Period may be charged a Late Registration Fee.

Most courses can be added using the online preregistration tools available in the Student Portal's Preregistration page.

Students may submit a Registration Update form to the Office of the Registrar to add, drop, or waitlist courses; to obtain a prerequisite override; or, to obtain instructor approval for registration.

Student should contact the Apprenticeship Program Director for Apprenticeship registration information.

  • Non-Degree-Seeking Students may preregister online according to the dates provided on the Academic Calendar. As certain courses may have prerequisites or space limitations, registration is subject to approval by the Registrar. Degree-seeking students receive priority in determining final course rosters; while uncommon, the College reserves the right to make registration changes until the end of the Drop/Add Period. Please see the College Catalog for more information pertaining to this enrollment category.


Beginning on the first day of the term, all students may adjust their schedules by adding or dropping courses. The end of the Drop/Add Period is specified on the Academic Calendar and marks the final day to add courses for a term. (In limited circumstances, a 470 apprenticeship registration may be processed after the close of the Drop/Add Period. (See the Late Apprenticeship Registration Certification for details.)

Student may either use the tools online tools available in the Student Portal or the Registration Update form to add, drop, or waitlist classes; in certain instances, the Registrar Update form is required.

Student should contact the Apprenticeship Program Director for Apprenticeship registration information.

Visit the Office of the Registrar for More Information

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