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You'll be challenged, you'll grow spiritually, you'll grow intellectually, you'll grow in all your talents. 
This is an atmosphere that will support you."
- Gene Edward Veith, Professor of Literature and Provost, Emeritus
Distinctive 1: Christian Mission


No matter what the tides of culture might bring, PHC remains steadfast in its mission to educate young men and women for Christ.

The College is, and shall always remain, a Christian institution dedicated to bringing honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ in all of its activities. Each trustee, officer, faculty member, and student of the College, as well as all other employees and agents of the College as may be specified by resolution of the Board of Trustees, shall fully and enthusiastically subscribe to the Statement of Faith.

Christian Mission

Distinctive 3: Internship Program


Every student has 500+ hours of work-related experience by graduation.

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At PHC there are 3 apprenticeship categories:

1. Internships: work for an organization and credited by the number of hours worked; 40 hours = 1 credit
2. Directed writing projects: projects that are credited by number of pages written
3. Practicums: work projects that are supervised by PHC faculty and can be credited by either method or a combination

Thanks to Dean Jeff Thornhill, the Apprenticeship Program Coordinator, students receive guidance, mentorship, and support when searching for and completing their internship requirements. Internships are an invaluable asset to a PHC student's career. While many internships are unpaid, the student is paid in something far more valuable: job-experience, resume content, skill sets, and often open doors after graduation. 

Real-World Experience

Distinctive 5: No Government Funding

The College will not accept any funding, private or governmental, which includes terms which supersede the Board's authority or conflict with its Fundamental Statements.

Ever wonder why an institution would choose to refuse federal funding if it would make college cheaper for students? The answer is that Patrick Henry College wishes to remain independent from the agendas promoted by nationalized monies. Since PHC is unattached to any purse strings of the federal government, PHC is free to promote Christian and conservative principles without fear of reprecussion and to protect its philosophy of education. To help offset the more expensive tuition, PHC offers significant in-house, merit-based scholarships to students, thereby cutting the cost of attending a private institution.

If you want to hear about the ways you can afford a Christian college education, check out our on-demand webinar, Affording a Christian College Education!

PHC Financial Aid
PHC Scholarships
Cost of Attendance

No Government Aid

3 Supreme Court Clerks in 17 years


100% Law School Acceptance Rate


Admission into every top-ranking law school in the United States

Distinctive 6 - Pre-Law Advising

PHC stands apart as one of the nation’s very best “pre-law” colleges, and our alumni are the proof. The program gives students access one of the nation’s leading pre-law advisors, along with world-class coaching that has made PHC the 10-time national champion in intercollegiate moot court. With an average LSAT score that is well above the 90th percentile, PHC’s graduates are often admitted to the most prestigious law schools in the United States – schools like Harvard, Yale, and Columbia. PHC alumni are prepared to excel, routinely making law reviews, flourishing in law school moot court competitions, earning clerkships with the highest federal courts (including two who are currently clerking at the Supreme Court), and working at some of the world’s most prestigious law firms from New York to San Francisco. And above all, PHC equips students to be lifelong advocates for truth and justice.

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