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Computers with internet access are available in the library. The PHC wireless network is accessible in the library for all students, staff and faculty. Recreational gaming and surfing are not permitted. Users accessing the internet must abide by The College’s appropriate use policies. Failure to abide by these computing guidelines will result in the loss of library computer privileges.

Photocopying, Faxing & Printing

A copier and fax machine is also available for general use. Students may print to the library printer from their computers anywhere on campus or print from one of the public access computers.
Campus-wide policies apply for student copying, faxing, and printing. Community users are charged $0.10 per black & white page, $0.20 per color page. The library adheres to all applicable U.S. copyright and intellectual property rights laws and the user is responsible for complying with these laws.

Conference/Group Study Room

The library conference room is equipped with a conference table, presentation board, and network connections.
The Conference/Group Study Room in the PHC Library is available to both individuals and groups. Individuals may use it on a first-come, first-served basis. Groups may reserve the room for a designated time. To make reservations, please consult the online campus calendar.

Audio/Visual Equipment

The library is equipped with a variety of audio/visual equipment to aid in the use of its information resources. The library currently provides access to a microprint reader, a microfiche/microfilm reader/printer, an audio CD player, and a projector. Please check with the circulation desk for use of any of these machines.

Materials Request

Users may request that the PHC Library add an item to its collections by filling out the online recommendation form. All requests are subject to the guidelines found in the PHC Library collection management policy.

Controversial Items

In order to build a library collection that supports the curricular and community needs of the college, resources representing a wide variety of perspectives will be obtained. The user should not assume that all library materials reflect the views of the college. Any questions regarding the suitability of a resource for the library should be submitted to the Director of the Library.

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