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| Non-Degree-Seeking Application |

A non-degree-seeking student is one who has been approved to take courses for personal or professional enrichment, but is not working toward the completion of a degree. Non-degree students may be dual-enrolled students 17 and older earning both high school and college credit, adult learners and non-traditional students, or other students who desire to take Patrick Henry courses for personal or professional development.

Non-degree-seeking students may take up to nineteen credits (generally six classes plus Research and Writing) before they must complete the full degree-seeking admission process.

All credits successfully completed in the non-degree program will apply toward a Patrick Henry degree program if a student is later accepted for degree-seeking admission, with the exception of College Level Writing Skills.

Students in the Purcellville area who are 17 and older may choose to take non-degree courses on campus as space permits, but non-degree students are not currently eligible for on-campus housing.