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Minor in Philosophy


Students in the Philosophy Minor take four foundational philosophy courses:  Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion, and Ethics.  Students emerge with a foundational understanding of both historical and contemporary philosophy.  They are prepared for a variety of vocations rooted in the liberal arts such as philosophy, law, writing, and public policy. 


Why Study Philosophy?

Learning Objectives for the Philosophy Minor

  • Articulate a broad understanding of the history of Western philosophy and the way this history shapes contemporary worldviews.

  • Articulate a broad understanding of contemporary philosophical debates.

  • Articulate a thoughtful understanding of the intersection of philosophical positions, both historical and contemporary, with a biblical understanding of reality.

Philosophy Minor Requirements (18 Credits):

PHI303  Metaphysics

PHI373  Epistemology

PHI383  Philosophy of Religion

PHI403  Ethics


Philosophical Courses (Choose 6 credits from the following):

APP413 Ethics & Public Policy
APP423 Education Policy & Politics
BIB*** Biblical Studies Elective (300+)
CLA303 Biblical Worldview & Pedagogy I
CLA303 Biblical Worldview & Pedagogy II
CLA343 Argumentation & Debate
HAE353 Renaissance & Reformation
HAE393 Origins
HAE403 History of Christianity in America
HAE423 U.S. Intellectual History
IPP403 Theory & Ethics of International Relations
LIT303 Literary Theory & Criticism
LIT393 Linguistics
LIT433 Major Christian Authors
LIT443 Worldviews in Literature
LIT463 C.S. Lewis Seminar
PHI433 Philosophy of Law & Human Rights
PHI490 Directed Research & Writing in Philosophy (up to 3 cr.)
POL(300+) (excluding POL470, POL492, POL496)

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