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Minor in Literature


The Literature minor offers students the opportunity to enrich their education with the discipline of literature. Students emerge from the Literature Minor trained in literature from a variety of perspectives: historical, philosophical, and artistic. They are prepared for a variety of vocations rooted in the liberal arts, including law, theology, classics, and communication.


Learning Objectives for the Literature Minor

  • Identify great works of European and American Literature, including historical epochs, genres, and major authors. 

  • Apply important statements of literary theory and criticism in the Western tradition.

  • Enhance writing skills through critical and imaginative responses to literary texts. 

  • Integrate the aesthetic, moral, and philosophical principles of literary works into a Biblical worldview.

Literature Minor Requirements (15 Credits):


LIT/LAU/LGN***   Literature Elective (3 credits, 300+)

LGN***     Genre  (3 credits, 300+)

LAU***     Major Author  (3 credits, 300+)


Literature Courses (Choose 6 credits from the following):

LIT303     Literary Theory & Criticism

LIT363     American Literature

LIT373     English Literature I

LIT383     English Literature II

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